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coldrain – Until The End

Tracklist: Aware and Awake Evolve You Lie Fade Away March On House of Cards *** Advertisements

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GRANRODEO – Hengenjizai no Magical Star

Tracklist: Hengenjizai no Magical Star Zecchou Poison Once & Forever (Plugless Live Edition) Hengenjizai no Magical Star (OFF VOCAL) Zecchou Poison (OFF VOCAL) *** The first two tracks from GRANRODEO’s new single are typical of the duo. If you already … Continue reading

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Tracklist: BLUE BLAZE BELIEVE BLUE BLAZE (off vocal) BELIEVE (off vocal) ——————————— 1. BLUE BLAZE BLUE BLAZE opens full of rage, fierce guitars and growling dubstep fusing to create an awesome synth-rock introduction. The sound of the intrumental parts is … Continue reading

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Maon Kurosaki – X-Encounter

Tracklist: X-Encounter Unchain X-Encounter (Instrumental) Unchain (Instrumental) ——————————— 1. X-Encounter Continuing with the industrial rock feel from her last single UNDER/SHAFT, Maon Kurosaki’s new track X-Encounter amps up the synths, yet manages to capture some darkness in the arrangement. A … Continue reading

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Tracklist: SAVIOR OF SONG (feat. MY FIRST STORY) Silver Sky (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio ver.) Our Story (Nano ver.) START OVER (feat. MY FIRST STORY) (MY FIRST STORY ver.) SAVIOR OF SONG (Instrumental) Silver Sky (Instrumental) (Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio … Continue reading

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LUNA SEA – Thoughts

Tracklist: Thoughts Lost World ——————————— 1. Thoughts Thoughts begins with lightish guitar riffs with wailing wah-wah popping its head in for a bit. The verse then uses clean guitars as the rhythm, with distorted guitars bursting in for effect. I … Continue reading

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UVERworld – Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB

Tracklist: Fight For Liberty Wizard CLUB a LOVELY TONE ——————————— 1. Fight For Liberty The first A-side from their latest single is a powerful rock song featuring the quirky UVERworld sound. It starts off with a spirited guitar/drums opening with … Continue reading

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Faylan – Wonder Fang

Tracklist: Wonder Fang Blue Sanction Wonder Fang (Off Vocal) Blue Sanction (Off Vocal) ——————————— 1. Wonder Fang Watch out, Faylan is back and ready to rock! Beginning with a short chorus, Faylan’s strong vocals grab me from the outset and … Continue reading

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Linked Horizon – Jiyuu e no Shingeki

Tracklist: Guren no Yumiya Jiyuu no Tsubasa Moshi Kono Kabe no Naka ga Ikken no Ie Datoshitara ——————————— 1. Guren no Yumiya Guren no Yumiya starts with a mighty choir arrangement, soon becoming a full-blown orchestral rock track, complete with … Continue reading

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Aya Kamiki – V/S

Tracklist: V/S FANTASTIC WORLD USELESS TIME Ignorance of Distractional Mind ——————————— 1. V/S The first song of the single is really exciting and strong, with Aya’s deep voice sounding great along with the loud guitars. She mixes Japanese with bits … Continue reading

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marina – Kimi Tsunagu

Tracklist: Kimi Tsunagu Towa Yori Towa ni Kimi Tsunagu (Off Vocal) Towa Yori Towa ni (Off Vocal) ——————————— 1. Kimi Tsunagu IF KOKIA decided to do a rock-influenced song, I imagine it would be something like the the intro/verse of Kimi Tsunagu, … Continue reading

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ONE OK ROCK – Jinsei×Boku=

Tracklist: Introduction ~where idiot should go~ ENDING STORY?? ONION! The Beginning Clock Strikes Be The Light Nothing Helps Juvenile All Mine Smiling Down Deeper Deeper 69 The Same As… ——————————— 1. Introduction ~where idiot should go~ The first track is … Continue reading

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Zwei – Re:Set

Tracklist: Re:Set Junjou Spectra MONSTER Genei no Mobius GATEWAY LOVE Occultics no Majou (Zwei Ver.) Mephistopheles no Mukou Kaze no Senritsu Ano Natsu no Hi no Omoide Sora no Shizuku Innana no Mita Yume Kakuchou Place Koyubi no Paradox Forever … Continue reading

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Nano – N

Tracklist: Neophobia All Eyes On Me KALEIDOSCOPE Nevereverland Silence A Genesis Remember, My Friend Now Or Never BE FREE (WITH MUSIC) No Pain, No Game Black Board Horizon Palette ——————————— 1. Neophobia Nano sounds pretty angry in this track and … Continue reading

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LUNA SEA – The End Of The Dream/Rouge

Tracklist: The End Of The Dream Rouge ——————————— 1. The End Of The Dream A blast of guitars announces the arrival of the first track. Ryuichi’s sound’s like he’s improved his singing a lot during their 10 year hiatus, with … Continue reading

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