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A Tribute To Hisoka

Dear Yamato – Goodbye Stereotypes, Hello Gamilans

Dear Yamato – Lame Limericks

Detail in Anime – Guitars in White Album 2

Reading Habits – Choosing Books Or Manga?

Why Do I Read Manga?

Artist Analysis:


Takanori Nishikawa/T.M.Revolution/abingdon boys school

Best Ofs:

Best Of: Ballads

Moonlit Music Awards 2013 (Part 1: A-Sides, B-Sides And Singles)

Moonlit Music Awards 2013 (Part 2: Albums… And Stuff)

Music Editorials:

Reviewing Music Isn’t A Waste Of Time

Reviewing My Reviewing

Song Feature: Revamp – The Trial Of Monsters

Song Feature: Symphony X – The Turning

Random Stuff:

Anime Blog Carnival – CHEAP TRICKS Edition

Liebster Awards

Your Cool Fandom Story (@ Organization Anti-Social Geniuses)


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