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ELISA – Millenario

Tracklist: Millenario Sign -Yakusoku no Kane- Rain Cage Millenario (TV Size) *** The A-side to ELISA’s new single Millenario is a graceful but powerful ballad. Starting with a delicate piano-based arrangement, the song slowly builds towards the vibrant, uplifting chorus.  … Continue reading

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Tracklist: REALISM Puraana Wherever REALISM (Instrumental) ——————————— 1. REALISM Through the series, Valvrave’s tie-in songs have been flamboyant, to say the least. REALISM is the craziest of them all so far. It starts with chanting, in a similar vein to … Continue reading

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ELISA – Soba ni Iru yo

Tracklist: Soba ni Iru yo Emerge For Us Soba ni Iru yo (Instrumental) ——————————— 1. Soba ni Iru yo Soft chants and strings begin Soba ni Iru yo, before ALIPRO-esque violins and an electronic beat make an exciting appearance. Contrastingly, … Continue reading

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