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Reviewing My Reviewing

I’ve done quite a few reviews on my blog now, so I thought I’d do a rundown on my artistic preferences and how much priority I give them. Though there’s no concrete rule – what may apply to one song … Continue reading

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Reviewing Music Isn’t A Waste Of Time

When I checked my Twitter yesterday morning, there were some Tweets floating around on my timeline which I disagreed with. Of all the the genres of critique, I find critique of popular music to be the most complete and utter … Continue reading

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Reading Habits – Choosing Books Or Manga?

I’ve always loved reading. I became a book addict at a very young age, and my love of reading has continued through primary school, high school and uni (where I am now). Discovering anime, and by extension manga in late … Continue reading

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Detail in Anime – Guitars in White Album 2

I was reading this post on OTAKU LOUNGE, and I noticed a few people recommending the anime White Album 2. I picked it up a week ago and so far, I’m enjoying it. Besides the romance, it’s also got a … Continue reading

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