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J-Music Blogs. Woo!

Anime Instrumentality – I doubt you’ll find more comprehensive anime OST reviews anywhere on the net.

Boldly Delicious & Day1Day2Day3 – Two really good music review blogs written by the same guy (Day1Day2Day3 is no longer active though).

Hybrid Universe – Written by a mad Nana Mizuki fan.

Japanese Melodia – Yuki Nagato got bored of waiting for more Haruhi to be released, so took a break to start up an anison review blog. Can’t say I’m too unhappy with that decision. (find the old site here)

Just Another Heaven – There might be many heavens, but this one is the best. Music reviews direct from my Australian comrade-in-arms. Does collaborative reviews too, with her partner in crime Austin.

キスetミュージック – JPop reviews. I like her writing style.

Konno’s Story – Reviews and on the JPop/KPop scene, plus his thoughts on the songs’ lyrics, which I find interesting.

Kurayami Monogatari – The blog that got me into music reviewing. It’s been going for five years (and counting), and has a ridiculously large list of artists.

Music Addiction – Music reviews from a fellow JPop lover.

Otenkiame – Wow. Dat upcoming review list. So long.

Southern Fried Noodles – Tay serves up a selection of the best J-Rock.


Anime Blogs

Anime Monographia – Renowned for its highly analytical studies of serious topics. Such as Yu-Gi-Oh duels.

Chromatic Aberration Everywhere – A combination of sodeep and sofunny.

Deadlight’s Anime Blog – Alive last time I checked…

Draggle’s Anime Blog – Won the Nobel Prize in Literature with this stunning piece of work.

Fantastic Memes – If all frogs were this smart they would rule the world.

Fantasy and Anime – Explores both Eastern and Western fantasy.

Geekorner-Geekulture – Rock Lee’s sensei knows his stuff.

OTAKU LOUNGE – Artemis is a doctor of anime.

Shiizumi’s Anime Blog – Shipping Master 2000.

The Geek Clinic – Stop by for all your anime, visual novel and video game needs. Plus has a music spotlight!

The G-Empire – Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pantless Anime Blog – Sadly lacking in the clothing department, but I like his reviews and taste in anime.


Other Blogs

The SkyCorps Blog – SkyCorps on life, the universe and everything. OK mostly life but whatever.


Music Resources

BARKS – JPop news.

canta-per-me – A fansite with news, forums etc. dedicated to Yuki Kajiura.

CDJapan – Buy music and stuff here. They’re pretty good.

Comtrya Sugoi – Anison and JPop news.

Generasia – I find the wiki quite useful.

JaME world – JRock and Visual Kei news.

JpopAsia – JMusic news, PVs, lyrics and track listings.

Kawaii Girl Japan – Yeah music stuff focused on female artists, as the name suggests.

VGMdb – a database of music information related to games and anime. Often detailed, with composers, arrangers, musicians etc.


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