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Chords: KOKIA – New Day, New Life

If anyone is a KOKIA fan, I transcribed the chords for her 2012 song New Day, New Life. You can find the chords at Ultimate-Guitar (which will also transpose them for you if you want). I would’ve posted them here, but … Continue reading

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Kalafina – Heavenly Blue

Tracklist: Heavenly Blue Heavenly Blue ~Instrumental~ Heavenly Blue ~TV size~ *** I am a mite disappointed with Kalafina’s latest song Heavenly Blue. It starts off well, with a brief choral opening, reminiscent of a church. But sometime early in the … Continue reading

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I Succumbed To The Forces Of Evil

Much squeeing ensued from the family members.

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Chords: Joe Inoue – CLOSER

Yup so I finally uploaded the chords for Joe Inoue’s CLOSER, which I transcribed three years ago then sat on for some reason. You can find them here. My advice is to play power chords instead of the major/minor chords … Continue reading

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coldrain – Until The End

Tracklist: Aware and Awake Evolve You Lie Fade Away March On House of Cards ***

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miwa – Kimi ni Deaeta Kara

Tracklist: Kimi ni Deaeta Kara Let Me Go Kimi ni Deaeta Kara ~Seikajoshi Koutou Gakkou Suisougaku-bu version~ Kimi ni Deaeta Kara ~acoustic version~ Kimi ni Deaeta Kara ~instrumental~ Let Me Go ~instrumental~ *** miwa’s new single kicks off with Kimi … Continue reading

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Song Feature: Symphony X – The Turning

I’m gonna use this “Song Feature” section to talk about songs with random things I find interesting. My ReVamp post is now part 1 of this series.

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J-Poop in Review (May 2014)

Here’s my lazy attempt to catch up on all those things I didn’t review. Now my chemistry pracs are over, I’ve got about 14 more hours free each week, but I’m not sure if that’s going to correspond to an … Continue reading

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Why I Do Read Manga?

I talk about Onani Master Kurosawa, but don’t go into specifics. Possible spoiler in point 1 in the first comment.

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Dear Yamato – Lame Limericks

Very light spoilers for Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199.

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Dear Yamato – Goodbye Stereotypes, Hello Gamilans

Spoilers for Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199.

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Thirty Million Seconds Of Blogging

Yo peeps! I thought I should do some kind of celebratory post, ‘cos today is my first anniversary of blogging. I’m incredibly surprised I lasted this long. Thanks to all the people who read and commented on my posts. Looking … Continue reading

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ELISA – Millenario

Tracklist: Millenario Sign -Yakusoku no Kane- Rain Cage Millenario (TV Size) *** The A-side to ELISA’s new single Millenario is a graceful but powerful ballad. Starting with a delicate piano-based arrangement, the song slowly builds towards the vibrant, uplifting chorus.  … Continue reading

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Reviewing My Reviewing

I’ve done quite a few reviews on my blog now, so I thought I’d do a rundown on my artistic preferences and how much priority I give them. Though there’s no concrete rule – what may apply to one song … Continue reading

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Jin Hashimoto – STAND PROUD

Tracklist: STAND PROUD STAND PROUD (ORIGINAL KARAOKE) *** The OP for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is a fiery rock number. The arrangement is powerful and fast, with crunchy guitars and a meaty drum lines. While the instrumentals are strong, … Continue reading

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