Kalafina – Heavenly Blue



  1. Heavenly Blue
  2. Heavenly Blue ~Instrumental~
  3. Heavenly Blue ~TV size~


I am a mite disappointed with Kalafina’s latest song Heavenly Blue. It starts off well, with a brief choral opening, reminiscent of a church. But sometime early in the songwriting process, Yuki Kajiura must have stopped by the recycling plant, where she took Signal’s instrumentals and Consolation’s melody, and then mashed them together to create the verse of her new song, ta-da! Snark aside for a moment though, listen to Hikaru’s sizzling vocals. My favourite sections from Heavenly Blue are those with Miss H tearing into the melody lines. Moving on, the dance/industrial sound of the verse suddenly turns into classic anison in the pre-chorus and chorus. There’s quite a disconnect between the different passages of the song, and it kinda feels like the verse from one song has been slotted into another. Also, Wakana takes over the lead role from Hikaru, which is a drop in energy. Wakana’s been a bit weak recently, and her voice sounds a little fragile. Luckily, she’s still on note and her tone is as pure as ever, and for a bonus, her breath placement is good too! Towards the end of the song, Kajiura changes up the chorus melody, but looking at the whole, it’s not the most creative Kalafina piece (and Kalafina aren’t exactly renowned for their great variety).



Rating: 3.5 stars


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16 Responses to Kalafina – Heavenly Blue

  1. Artemis says:

    I agree, this isn’t one of Kalafina’s most catchy or stirring of pieces. Still, an average song for Kalafina still means it’s pretty great by regular standards, so I’m not entirely displeased – and as you point out, there are some fab vocals going on here.

  2. I feel like if you bought THE BEST Blue version, it was like a bonus-track just for fans (Red version was a cop-out really)~ I don’t think we were really expecting anything new on a BEST Album; I appreciated the song. But I agree…it’s too reminiscent of their earlier work, which is not good – but who can blame anyone, it’s so good…cause like Kalafina are so good lol~ I wonder if people are actually going to buy this as a single…like, I’m a die-hard fan, but what a waste of money lol (since I bought the BEST Blue Version).

    • Alex says:

      Heya Konno! Yeah I’m kinda wondering that too… and no true b-side, which is a tad unusual, and might help boost the sales. Sounds like a nice bonus for the best of blue, but seems weird to me that they would release the song on that album without releasing the single first haha.

      • Mack says:

        Great review as always Alex. I haven’t heard the full version because I haven’t received my copy of “Blue” :(, but from the TV Version I imagined it would follow the same route, and seems average for me at least in arrangement. I can’t say more until I hear it fully but I don’t think my impression will change that much.

  3. Funny: I was in Japan last week, and all the record stores I went to had either Red or Blue in stock, more common than LiSA CDs even, and a lot better than the sad case of Mami CDs, which I could only find one store which had them, and only had on stock one of each of a few releases (luckily, one of them being her best album, so I bought it).

    • Alex says:

      Nice. I’d guess they had more Kalafina in stock than LiSA because Kalafina’s release was recent, while LiSA hasn’t released anything for a little while.

      • However, there were LiSA CDs in all but one CD store I went to, while only one, ONE store had Mami CDs, and it was in Akiba (the stores in Osaka I went to had Kalafina and LiSA, but not Mami). Even then, the stock for Mami CDs appeared to be going down, and once the current stock is sold, I doubt they will restock.

  4. Darkstar1612 says:

    I agree with you. I think the parts of the songs do not stick well together. The strong voice of Hikaru (With Keiko) and more melodic voice Wakana. As you say, the song is still good and I like it, I will not deny, it could have been better. And I agree with you, for me it seems a mixture of Signal and Consolation … Let’s hope his new album does well, but I think only Best Blue will fare well because Best Red only has one new song … As Prelude was always a pleasure to leave my opinion, and your post was a yearning for the new song.

    PS: I think I missed more Keiko to the song (do not understand why Kajiura takes away much importance to her and her voice: ‘()

  5. Rob says:

    Funny, I actually disliked the Hikaru part, but enjoyed the rest of the song. I guess I’m more of an anison person; I’m not a fan of the clashing, dissonant harmonies in the verses (didn’t like Magia).

    • Alex says:

      Don’t think I’d describe the harmonies as “clashing”… but the verse does have a similar aggressive tone like Magia, so I can see how if you disliked Magia you wouldn’t be as keen on Heavenly Blue.

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