Thirty Million Seconds Of Blogging

happy hxhYo peeps!

I thought I should do some kind of celebratory post, ‘cos today is my first anniversary of blogging. I’m incredibly surprised I lasted this long. Thanks to all the people who read and commented on my posts. Looking back, I’m happy at how my writing and my music-assessing skills have improved.

Here’s a very short “best-of” for the year.

I still plan on blogging for a bit longer. This semester has been hectic, hence the lack of updates, but I’m still trying to think about the blog now and then. Promise! I’ll post something in the near future (sorta near… kinda near… far away…).

So yeah, thanks a lot for reading everyone, see you around ^_^

P.S. I just found out that Kalafina’s releasing a new song called Heavenly Blue for the upcoming anime Aldnoah.Zero. So excited.

gon killua happyPictures:


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35 Responses to Thirty Million Seconds Of Blogging

  1. Evil Sister says:

    You forgot to mention thanks to your brilliant sister… Joking.

  2. TPAB~ says:

    congrats on hitting 1!!!!

  3. Overlord-G says:

    Well done JP Anime Music Meister. Here’s a toast to more anime music musings from your person in the years to come…though I do not drink alcohol.

  4. Mack says:

    I didn’t imagine I’ll be one of the top commentors here hehehe. I assume moira, but then again, I saw lot of good posts where I had comment. So yeah congrats. I saw the news yesterday about the new Kalafina song. We were dissapointed because they weren’t doing for the Kuroshitsuji anime, but they surprised us with that 🙂

    • Alex says:

      Haha thanks. I’m happy that they’re doing a song for the Urobutcher’s anime, cos I’m hoping it will be deliciously dark… also I haven’t watched Kuroshitsuji.

  5. Vrai says:

    Happy anniversary! Congrats!

  6. Silvachief says:

    Congrats man! To be honest I had just assumed you’d been blogging for much longer than I had so this came as a bit of a surprise XD
    Here’s to another year! Keep up the good work!

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Silvachief! Technically, this blog has been running for ~1.5 years haha. I did two posts, then abandoned it for 6 months, then started blogging again. So I’m counting one year from when I started writing consistently 😛

  7. kyoycz says:

    Congrats on one year! I’m looking forward to your next year of posts as well!

  8. mk03 says:

    Congratulations on your “first” anniversary (even though technically it’s been one and a half years), and thanks for the heads up! Also, you really need to review Rising Hope soon, I’m really enjoying the song so far.

    P.S If Mumi ever gets a new tie-up, make sure you get to review it, or you’ll get bricked. xD

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Mr Madoka 😉

      I dunno, I can’t really be bothered to review LiSA songs anymore. But I will consider Mami (Mumi?) ones as they come. Can’t give you any more than that lol.

  9. rikuo06 says:

    What a coincidence. I just got a notification that it’s the first anniversary of registering my WordPress account. And my first posts were just about 6 months ago, which I’ve since abandoned. Looks like it really is time for me to get the ball rolling again.

    So congrats! I look forward to more artists analyses, but take your time. Take it easy! (Just not as easy as I’ve been taking it orz)

    • Alex says:

      Thx! Not sure what to do about Artist Analyses at the moment. I have zero motivation to do one at the moment anyway, but tbh I can’t think of who to do. Not that I’ve put much thought into it haha. Preferably someone popular so people actually care. If you’ve got a suggestion it will be considered, no guarantees though hahaha!

      (yes post something pls, get off ur butt)

  10. Artemis says:

    Congratulations! (And yay for being a top commenter! I swear I’m nice and not a creepy stalker.)

    Also, Kalafina for life. ❤

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Artemis, I always appreciate your comments 🙂

      • Mack says:

        Note aside from Kalafina:
        Apparently the new song “heavenly blue” will be on the Best Album Blue Edition, and now we’re missing to see which one will be for the Red Edition D:

        • Alex says:

          Thanks. I’m actually subscribed to canta per me, comtrya Sugoi and maybe a couple more news sites so you don’t have to let me know, but i appreciate the thought.

          • Mack says:

            I think it’s enough with canta per me xD
            But it’s also to all other Kalafina fans who don’t use the page 😀
            I would prefer a single with both songs of the two editions instead of this, but they did it again. I am considering to get it, not sure yet.

          • Alex says:

            Yeah thanks, but I don’t think this post’s comments are the best place to talk about it.

  11. Justin says:

    HAH! You’ve only survived one year. That’s nothing man! You’re just some young whelp :p


  12. Moira says:

    Alex! Congrats on reaching your first anniversary of blogging! And sorry this comment is, like, five days late. I’ve been quite busy with school, as usual 😛 I don’t hate you, ok.

    It’s been great to have someone I can always discuss music with, whether it be through random tweets or legit comments on either one of our blogs. As you said, you’ve definitely improved your writing and music-assessing skills. In particular, I admire how well you can analyse the technical aspects of songs 🙂 (Way better than me!)

    Oh yeah, and I enjoyed reading your artist analyses, so hopefully you have a few more of that coming sometime in the future or something xD

    Keep on blogging! Ganbatte~!

    • Alex says:

      Thanks Moira! I enjoy discussing music with you too 🙂

      Yeah hopefully I’ll get around to another Artist Analysis sometime, but I’m fresh out of ideas at the moment, haha. Also, too much studying 😦

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