ELISA – Millenario



  1. Millenario
  2. Sign -Yakusoku no Kane-
  3. Rain Cage
  4. Millenario (TV Size)


The A-side to ELISA’s new single Millenario is a graceful but powerful ballad. Starting with a delicate piano-based arrangement, the song slowly builds towards the vibrant, uplifting chorus.  Everything becomes stronger in the chorus – ELISA’s vocals are less breathy and more defined, the dynamics shift louder, and dramatic, low brass lines drive the song forward.

Millenario‘s arrangement is very good. It handles both the quiet and strong sections well, using restraint when necessary and growing more complex in the chorus, but always staying in control. The guitar solo in the bridge is out of place though. Given the electric guitar plays such a minor role in the song, it’s weird they decided to add a solo. Also, the ending is weak. The closing piano is anticlimactic, and Millenario would have done better to finish immediately after the last chorus, or end on a strong note. However speaking generally, it’s a more than respectable effort.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a translation of the lyrics. But using the English lines, the picture from the anime edition, and my unmatched powers of inference, it became pretty obvious what the song is about. Millenario is clearly a touching love song, i.e. Miyuki shipping herself hard with her ONII-SAMA. Final rating: wincest/10.

The two B-sides are kinda generic. Sign -Yakusoku no Kane is the better of the pair. It shows creativity with its unusual chanting lines, the slowed pace of the verse and the unsettling melodies in the bridge. But the chorus is bland, although ELISA redeems it to a degree with vocals that are a tad stronger than usual. It’s good enough, but nothing memorable. The second B-side Rain Cage is an average dance/anison track, and fails at capturing me.

This is a pretty decent release. Millenario is the best of the three tracks, and Sign -Yakusoku no Kane- holds up all right, but Rain Cage isn’t that interesting. Overall, it continues her run of good singles, and is another solid package of songs.


Rating: 3.5 stars


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4 Responses to ELISA – Millenario

  1. Mack says:

    I was really surprised this would be a ballad. But at least I like it, because it was good effort from her (except some things like the electric guitar before the chorus) and was lovely. The other 2 were a little meh~ although Sign had good things that makes me want to listen to it more than once.
    Now that they have confirmed her new album I can’t wait to see how it will turn out 🙂

  2. Lacus Hapsari says:

    Yay! Finally..
    Thank you..

    Here you can find translation of the lyrics http://www.lyrical-nonsense.com/lyrics/elisa/mirenario/#page=page-1

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