Jin Hashimoto – STAND PROUD

stand proud

That cover is FABULOUS.




The OP for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is a fiery rock number. The arrangement is powerful and fast, with crunchy guitars and a meaty drum lines. While the instrumentals are strong, the vocals aren’t so fab. Jin Hashimoto has certainly has the capabilities, but really could have done better. He just lacks some of the oomph that would have made STAND PROUD shine. You can hear Jin’s effort in the last word of the chorus (SUTANDO!!!), but in other places he’s far too relaxed. Probably the worst lines are the “stand up, stand up, stand up” and “all right now, all right now, all right now” in the chorus, where he sounds like he’s napping. Overall, his vocals are actually good, but they could’ve easily been improved.

I enjoy the guitar work in STAND PROUD. The lead melodies play a triumphant battle anthem, while the rhythm section lays down the heavy backing. The guitar solo is awesome too. I always like it when the solo incorporates a previously used motif, because it ties the solo in more with the rest of the song. (Plus there’s some rad shredding.)

There are a couple of other good points. First, the bridge gives us a nice break in intensity, but doesn’t feel weak or out of place. This is where STAND PROUD stomps on the previous JoJo OPs – both JoJo ~Sono Chi no Sadame~ and BLOODY STREAM‘s bridges felt kinda random and a little bland. Second, those chants of “JoJo, JoJo, JoJo” in the middle of the chorus are GLORIOUS.

STAND PROUD is a swaggering, brazen song, full of fighting spirit, and a great addition to the JoJo songs which have come before.

…Also I just realised. STAND PROUD… Stands… yeah, I’m a little slow.


Rating: 4.5 star(dust crusader)s


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