Watching The Third Madoka Movie At REEL ANIME

On Saturday I went to my local screening of the Madoka Rebellion movie. It was much busier than the last REEL ANIME screening, which had a mighty three people in the theatre, including me (granted, it was the last day, as opposed to only one day of Madoka screening). I got this lovely poster, now stuck on my cupboard, but unfortunately I arrived too late to get the limited edition card. Although I’m sure all it would do is gather dust somewhere if I got it.

All hail my photography skills.

All hail my photography skills.

There was a photographer there who took some pictures. Here’s one of me. Oh no! My precious anonymity, shattered!



So yeah, it was pretty packed. There was also a greater proportion of NERRRRRRDS than I was used to. Most of the people were in their late teens/early twenties, although there were a few older folks.

The theatre experience was great fun, and you really felt the mood. I would love to go to more events in the future, assuming I can organise them around uni. It would have be better if I went with friends though. I probably should acquire some friends who are anime nuts 😛

Random Lame Thoughts (With Some Spoilers):

    • There was a cute message from the voice actors before the movie. They talked about what you should look forward too in the movie, and Sakura’s VA said “Sakura’s wearing a school uniform” which was adorable.
    • A lot of it was confusing for me 😦 . I was disoriented at the beginning, desperately trying to figure out the status quo, when I realised that they wouldn’t abandon the TV series’ conclusions. Suddenly it became a lot easier. So after that, I managed to follow the story all right, but the Homura demon thing threw me off.
    • I found the Mami/Bebe combination disturbing (in a good way), given the previous events between them…
    • I’m not sure why they decided to add Bebe to the cast, given she didn’t do much.
    • Pi-ka-kyuuuuuu(bey)!!!
    • The music really, really worked. Yuki Kajiura was fabulous. Every piece enhanced the atmosphere, whether it was one of the beginning’s lighter tracks, or full-on creepy from later on. While I don’t know how it would hold up when taken out of context of the movie, I don’t care. To me, the most important objective of a soundtrack is to work within the show, and it definitely succeeded. The OP and ED (by ClariS and Kalafina respectively) were both appropriate for the situations.
    • I have mixed feelings on the animation. They looked gorgeous, and the psychotic, hallucinogen-drenched visuals were fit the movie perfectly. However, two hours of SHAFT craziness was too much for my brain to take, I was tired of it by the end.
    • THE FEEEEEELS~~~. A lot of the time I was immersed in the nostalgia instead of thinking about the movie, lol.
    • While I’m all right with the ending, I prefer to think of it as a “what could have happened”, an alternative universe version. I think the TV series’ was better. They left the movies open enough so they could pimp out the franchise more if they wanted to.
    • Anyone know what the post-credits scene was about?

So in the end I enjoyed it, and gave it 8/10 on my crappy rating scale. This translates to “plenty of scenes I loved, a few I weren’t so keen on”. Or something.

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15 Responses to Watching The Third Madoka Movie At REEL ANIME

  1. John Samuel says:

    Re the post credits scene: Easter Egg. All the cool kids (i.e. Marvel 🙂 [for some values of cool…]) are doing it so SHAFT has to as well.

    I think the main point was that it shows Kyubey cowering in fear. Whatever Homura did, she also rewrote the universe so that the incubators now have at least ONE emotion.

    Whilst still not as good as seeing Kyubey’s head on a pike (I see Kyubey as anime’s answer to Mr Morden), it will do for a start.

  2. mk03 says:

    Aniplex, why u no show Madoka movie in the Philippines?

  3. I saw it on Sunday as well with Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana Movie. But this one was a WTF when I saw it, I didn’t expect anything of it. But the best thing was hearing Kalafina at the end and the insert song of “misterioso” 🙂

  4. froggykun says:

    Ah, yes, I watched this movie the other day. During that post-credits scene, I stood up and yelled, “What. WHAAAAAAT?” and someone else in the audience yelled out, “Good reaction!”

    You weren’t the only one who was confused, my friend.

    • Alex says:

      Looooool, I’m still not really sure what happened even after reading a few things 😦
      Also, I don’t know if you’re interested, but I was pointed towards this in-depth Madoka Rebellion analysis (here ) that I just finished reading 10 minutes ago, which I thought did a great job criticising it. There was also some good discussion in the comments. You don’t have to feel any obligation to read it though, but I thought I’d just let you know.

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