marina – Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai

Kimi wa Mou, Hitori ja nai


  1. Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai
  2. Utakata no Hana
  3. Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai (off vocal)
  4. Utakata no Hana (off vocal)

1. Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai

Ooh, they’re teasing us at the beginning, hinting at metal with distorted guitars, but keeping them in the background. How infuriating! The introduction of the song is a creepy experience, with marina chanting in a strange and irregularly timed manner, along with bursts of guitars and unsettling synths which remind me of ALI PROJECT.  Continuing on, the verse moves in a similar fashion to the introduction, going slowly and softly. This resembles the intro/verse of marina’s previous A-side Kimi Tsunagu, which also has a “different” sound earlier on. However, as the track fills out with percussion, more guitars and synths, it follows Kimi Tsunagu‘s path of J-Poppiness. The pre-chorus and chorus just can’t match up with the experimental verses and instrumental breaks. While the instrumentation is great for the most part, the drums bug me. I think they’re using real drums, but the bass drum sounds too much like a dance beat. Either that or they’re just programmed. In any case, it’s my opinion that songs which attempt to be serious should have a solid, real percussion backing, which this song is lacking. The vocals are pretty good, and I’m impressed by the chanting gymnastics, but it would be nice to use a fraction of vibrato to add spice to her singing. All in all, Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai has its flaws, but I’m happy with it.

2. Utakata no Hana

The second track is an ending theme and a ballad, which is such a surprise because EDs are NEVER ballads. To be fair, Utakata no Hana isn’t nap-inducing, but it’s not at the same level as the A-side. The instrumentation is okay, I guess. It’s typical anison ballad stuff, but done well; the strings are lovely and the drums aren’t overused in the verse. Occasional lines by some Asian-sounding instrument don’t hurt at all. The vocals are fine, though a couple of aspects could be improved upon. First, her voice is a little hoarse at times. This isn’t as much of an issue in a rock song, but it doesn’t work as well in a ballad. Second, her constant sliding to the upper notes in the chorus gets tiresome. Utakata no Hana is an average ballad, not unpleasant but not great either.


marina’s second single was good, but inferior to her debut. The first track started off really interesting, but got bogged down by a pretty normal chorus. The second track was fine, but wasn’t a glowing example of a ballad. Nevertheless, I’m still excited about marina. Her composers show flashes of excellence, now they just need to put them into one coherent track, instead of stuffing J-Pop into the chorus when they run out of ideas.

Rating: 3 stars


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4 Responses to marina – Kimi wa Mou, Hitori Janai

  1. Artemis says:

    I agree, this second single is definitely inferior to her debut – and by quite a long way, at that. If I’m totally honest, neither of these songs especially grabbed at me. That said, I’m likewise looking forward to seeing what marina has to offer in the future; I’m hoping we’ll see a full studio album at some point within the next year or so.

    • Alex says:

      Yeah that would be good, but with the way her company handles their artists, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a string of 5-6 singles and then her album only has a few new tracks.

  2. mk03 says:

    Never really liked Marina though. It’s hard to explain why, but basically her Angel Beats songs to me were, frankly, crap. Especially Crow Song. There’s something… wrong about it. Has she improved since then?

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