UVERworld – Nano Second

Nano Second


  1. Nano Second
  2. LIFE

1. Nano Second

Only UVERworld, dammit. Only UVERworld would think to put bloody harmonica against heavy synths. Definitely gave me a shock. Nano Second is a rock track, but with extra electronic sounds than other songs of theirs. As with most UVERworld tracks, it’s fairly random, and that’s where my mixed feelings come in. The harmonica/electro introduction is awesome, it’s so different and exudes personality. Takuya’s vocals are mostly good. He’s expressive and energetic as usual, and sings both the powerful and the soft parts well. However, there are a few poorer bits. For example, at 0:43, there are words where the onset is a low, unattractive gargle. Some rather noticeable moments in the song are the angry English “Just do it, keep your head up”. At first, I wasn’t too impressed. But as I listened to the track more, my view changed. Now I think it’s a great way to “announce” the chorus. As for the chorus itself, the first part is fine, but the repeated “to be or not to be” gets, well, repetitive. Nano Second ends nicely though, on a cool note with harmonica vibrato. It’s not the best that UVERworld has done, but still a respectable rock track which I enjoyed.


Moving onto the second piece, LIFE opens with tight guitar riffs and offbeat drums. It starts off really exciting and rocking, and gets me pumped for more action. But after the intro, I can’t get into the song as much as I had hoped. The instruments are fine – the guitars and drums are fast and packed with energy. I like the dynamics as well, especially how it goes quiet in the pre-chorus to contrast with the louder chorus. But the problem is the chorus. The vocal melody line is not memorable, and while some parts have effort notes, other parts could do with more life. However, I find the backing “aaaahs” quite appealing. At the end of the song, there’s a short pause, followed by a slow keyboard part that’s totally out-of-place with the rest. LIFE is decent enough, but isn’t that great.


Sax is bax! The third track, DEJAVU, is a mix of rock, rap, and sexy saxophone. It’s slower than the other two tracks, but the vocals, synths and juddering timing of the guitars keeps me interested. During the verse, the sax plays a countering part to the vocals, continuing the melody line as Takuya moves into rapping. While my interest slips a little during the pre-chorus rap, the chorus recaptures me with a passionate fusion of chugging guitars, synths that nicely fill out the arrangement, and a vehement performance from Takuya. It’s another pretty good song.


This single was all right. Three good tracks, but I didn’t think any of them were particularly special. Probably worth a listen if you’re an UVERworld fan or like experimental rock music.

Rating: 3.5 stars


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2 Responses to UVERworld – Nano Second

  1. shinitakashi says:

    Great review! And I completely agree. I love that they tried something new by adding the harmonica, but “Nano Second” seemed to fall a bit flat for me.

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