Kanako Itou – Yukyuu no Sora Saku Hana

Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana


  1. Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana
  2. Morning Glory
  3. Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana (Off Vocal)
  4. Morning Glory (Off Vocal)

1. Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana

This song comes as a change from Kanako’s usual style, probably because it’s not associated with the “semicolon” series (as I like to call them). Instead of the ani-pop-rock of her previous few releases, Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana uses natural instruments, and sports a cheery vibe. While there are still occasional synths and a mid-tempo digital beat, the main instruments are piano, strings and acoustic guitar. Plus, you can also hear some native Japanese instrument, noticeably at the open and close of the piece. Kanako sounds good through the track, though there’s no hook line in the chorus for her to sink her teeth into. It’s decent, but nowhere near as interesting as others she’s done.

2. Morning Glory

The B-side is a slowish pop-ballad with similar instrumentation to the A-side. And like the A-side, it’s not the most interesting thing going around. The arrangement is fine, and the vocals are fair as well. I’m thinking if her voice was a little less strong on the higher notes in the chorus, then her vocals would fit in with the music more, but it’s not really a big issue. Morning Glory is a nice… but that’s all I can really say about it.


I loathe reviewing singles like this one. There’s nothing much wrong with either track, except for lack of interest, so there’s nothing much to talk about (>_<). Both Yuukyuu no Sora Saku Hana and Morning Glory were all right, but to be honest I listened to them a bunch of times while writing this and I can hardly remember them. Not exactly a good sign there.

Rating: 2.5 stars


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