Kaori Oda – Reverberation



  1. Reverberation
  2. Shinainaru Monogatari
  3. Kirameki no Tobira
  4. Reverberation -Off Vocal-
  5. Shinainaru Monogatari -Off Vocal-
  6. Kirameki no Tobira -Off Vocal-

1. Reverberation

Similar to Kaori Oda’s other songs as a solo artist, Reverberation is a pop-rock tune. After some light guitar arpeggios, the track effortlessly sets up the rock feel with semi-punk riffs.  Kaori sounds great in all her parts – the lower verse, higher chorus, and chant-like section in the bridge are all sung competently and expressively. The arrangement is fairly decent. I did notice that the chorus vocal line resembled that of PLACE, the title track from her debut album. I wonder if it’s the same composer. Well, at the least they chose a sufficiently catchy line to replicate. Reverberation is a passable song, but I wish that Kaori would get more unique, interesting music instead of this typical pop-rock fare.

2. Shinainaru Monogatari

Normally, when I hear the B-side is going to be a ballad, I’m already apprehensive. Not so with Kaori Oda. Shinainaru Monogatari has a great arrangement. There’s enough happening to keep things interesting, but not so much that it feels cluttered and loses the emotional impact. I like how there’s no percussion in the first verse, and very little in the second. The drums come in at the pre-chorus and continue into the chorus, which allows for a more powerful chorus while retaining a delicate feel in the verse. I also love the grace and stirring emotions pouring from the strings. Often in anison, strings act like a backing chord, but in this case they’re allowed to unleash the vibrato, and because of this they shine. And now for the vocals. AAAAAAAH! HEAVENLY HEAD VOICE! Ballads like this one are perfect for showing off Kaori’s skills. Great music, great vocals, great song.

3. Kirameki no Tobira

The second B-side, Kirameki no Tobira, is another friendly pop track. It’s got a different style to Reverberation though. The main instruments are acoustic guitar and strings instead of electric guitar, and it uses a digital beat as opposed to the real drums of the A-side. I quite like Kaori’s backing vocals (and her lead vocals too) but apart from that this track is quite ordinary. There’s nothing that stands out, except for sounding pretty I suppose.


I wouldn’t say this single was an increase or a decrease in quality from Akatsuki no Butterfly. Instead, it was basically the same i.e. pop song, ballad, pop song. The first and third tracks were pretty standard, but the single is saved by the ballad. Like Akatsuki no Butterfly‘s ballad Kimi to Ai ni Naru, Kaori sounds beautiful and is complemented by a good arrangement too. Like I said above, Kaori really deserves better music than this, but one awesome song is better than none!

Rating: 3.5 stars


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