ARTERY VEIN – Shiroi Fukei

corpse part tortured souls artery vein shiroi fukei


  1. Shiroi Fukei (FULL VERSION)
  2. Shiroi Fukei (OFF VOCAL)
  3. Hoshikuzu no Ring (SHORT VERSION)
  5. Shiroi Fukei (ARTETY off vocal)
  6. Shiroi Fukei (VEIN off vocal)

1. Shiroi Fukei (FULL VERSION)

Gothic pop duo ARTERY VEIN are back with another track coupled to the Corpse Party series. Their new song, Shiroi Fukei, boasts the most impressive arrangement yet from the pair. Opening with an oboe melody, a luscious orchestral instrumentation then completes the introduction, before making way for ARTERY (Eri Kitamura) and piano in the verse. The two singers ARTERY and VEIN (Asami Imai) share the lead vocals, and as always I’m impressed by how well their voices harmonise. As the track continues, acoustic guitar and percussion joins the fray, the song peaking at the penultimate chorus and bridge, with heavy guitars and full-on drums. The bridge is the most intimidating part of the track. Guitars play at maximum intensity, with menacing flares of brass and writhing strings screaming conflict. You could even say it’s a little out-of-place with the more dignified setting of the rest of the piece, but I love it anyway. At the end, Shiroi Fukei comes full circle with the same oboe melody, bringing a sense of completeness to this great track.


Well, that was good. After their slightly disappointing last single Kagerou, ARTERY VEIN have bounced back with style. The arrangement of Shiroi Fukei was top-notch and backed up by a solid vocal performance from the two ladies. Fans of ARTERY VEIN should be happy with this.

I’m not going to review the short versions of Hoshikuzu no Ring by Asami Imai, and HOTARU-BI by Yumi Hara, but you can find a review of HOTARU-BI here.

Rating: 4.5 stars


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