Anime Blog Carnival – CHEAP TRICKS Edition

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Apparently my new name is Swift Samurai Kengo, and I have been summoned by rikuo06 from Illusions to Illusions to take part in the Anime Blog Carnival – CHEAP TRICKS Edition. Basically, I use my mad samurai skillz to answer some questions. Actually, I had a bit of trouble thinking of answers for them, so they’re not that great. Oh well, here goes!

1. What is one CHEAP TRICK that you can’t stand or have problems with? CHEAP TRICK implies some method or element that is used towards some effect or end, whether explicitly or just in your head. It also implies that it worked on you at least once before you got wise of it. This may be something related to anime, manga, games, novels, or whatever comes to mind.

When a show’s writer desires an awkward scene involving the male protagonist with some girl, so using their subtle powers they make him trip up and grab her boobs as he falls. Not that I’m particularly against fanservice, but man it annoys me how clumsy and overused it is. The first time I was like “um, ok,” but the following 56 million times it was “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU……….”

2. What is one CHEAP TRICK that still gets you every time? For example, maybe some sad girls in the snow make you tear up no matter how lame you think the actual story is. Or maybe there’s that one voice actor or artist on board that makes a product a must-watch/read/play for you, regardless of the overall quality.

Hmmm, not really sure. I don’t think there’s anything in particular that will get me watching an anime. Maybe promoting it as “dark”? That got me watching Kyoukai no Kanata after all. Which may have been an error in judgement. It’s not much of a CHEAP TRICK though.

3. What was one scene in an anime/manga/game/novel/etc. that conveyed it’s emotion so strongly that your own feelings were caught up in it? Grief, relief, joy, depression, fear, or of course rage. Note that this is different from your reaction to something outside of the in-story emotional content, like raging at a terribly written plot development or BEST GIRL not getting her deserved ending, unless the characters themselves express the same emotion.

Spoilers for Fate/Zero in this answer.

In episode 16, Kiritsugu promises not kill Kayneth and Sola if Kayneth uses his Command Seals to force Lancer to commit suicide. In the middle of Saber and Lancer’s duel, Lancer is made to impale himself on his on spear. Lancer curses them with his dying words, and Saber is appalled. And just in case you hadn’t confirmed how cold-hearted Kiritsugu was, he then gets his assassin Maiya to shoot Kayneth and Sola. Kayneth begs for Kiritsugu to kill him, but he says “Sorry, but I can’t according to our contract”.

This is one of my favourite anime scenes. I felt a whole range of emotions, from disgust at the methods, shock at what happened, anger for Lancer, pity for Kayneth, and even a little awe at how ruthless Kiritsugu was. Actually, I love characters who are complete bastards. I hadn’t been that into Fate/Zero before this episode, but episode 16 got me enthusiastic about it much more.

4. BONUS QUESTION: Thanksgiving Times (optional) – What’s one thing you’re thankful for this year/season/week/day/moment?

I am thankful that my exams are over, and I have lots of free time now ^_^

5. BONUS QUESTION: Blogathon Blitz (optional) – What’s the latest and greatest blog or website you’ve discovered, and why should people check it out? If you haven’t found any new ones lately, recommend an old one that you think deserves more attention.

Guy Shalev over at Geekorner-Geekulture runs a nifty little place which I’ve recently discovered. He’s a smart dude who writes about anime and other media, and it’s definitely worth a look.


And now I’m supposed to tag a couple more people, so if you’re interested, I tag the Flying Cadaver (SkyCorps) and MixMaster (TPAB~).

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3 Responses to Anime Blog Carnival – CHEAP TRICKS Edition

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  2. rikuo06 says:

    As expected of Kengo, reliable as always.

    Uncreative fanservice and awkwardness via boob grabs. A fairly obvious CHEAP TRICK, but somebody’s gotta call them out for it. Even worse when the perpetrator doesn’t let go or even notice until the victim points it out for him or screams.

    2nd question may have been difficult to answer the way it was worded. After all, if you are attracted to a particular element in a work, you likely won’t consider it a CHEAP TRICK, but as TheBigN puts it, a “selling point.” Perhaps a better way to think about the question would be to find one such element that strongly attracts you to a work, but that others might consider trivial or cheap.

    Kayneth’s Fried Circuits, delicious as always. Pass around that bucket of despair. Kiritsugu is definitely an old hand at using CHEAP TRICKS. And amusingly, Lancer is at the receiving end this time. That’s grade E luck for you. (Lancer has the same voice actor as Kyousuke in Little Busters!, the perpetrator of the original CHEAP TRICKS on none other than Kengo.)

    • 123 says:

      Even worse when the perpetrator doesn’t let go or even notice until the victim points it out for him or screams.

      “That’s funny, the ground seems unusually fleshy today!”

      Well damn I knew I should have recognised the name Kengo. I didn’t read your answer to 3 because of spoilers, but I should really get around to watching more LB so I can get all the references 🙂

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