HIMEKA – Kagiri Aru Yume

Lolis? Pfff, get out. I want a pic of my HIMEKA-sama.

Lolis? Pfff, get out of here. I want a picture of my HIMEKA-sama.


  1. Kagiri Aru Yume
  2. TSU-BA-SA
  3. Kagiri Aru Yume (Off Vocal)
  4. TSU-BA-SA (Off Vocal)

1. Kagiri Aru Yume

As a tie-in to Rozen Maiden, it wasn’t surprising that Kagiri Aru Yume turned out to be a gothic piece. With its dark atmosphere, mysterious strings and the swaying waltz timing, the arrangement has no trouble summoning you to some eerie, archaic place. Two of the instruments are a little out of the ordinary. They are the xylophone, which mostly plays softly in the background, and the accordion, which is heard piping away in the verse. For the most part, the song has a fluid, gentle movement, and moves along gracefully. But this is broken by the bridge, which is faster and has more emphasis on the individual beats. It isn’t that big a problem, but it does interrupt the rhythm somewhat. Now onto the vocals. This is HIMEKA we’re talking about, of course they’re absolutely gorgeous exactly like she always does! However, this is both a good point and a place where she could improve on. You see, she sounds exactly like she always does. This is fine for her normal music, but Kagiri Aru Yume is a change in style for her. If she could adopt a deeper tone more suitable for the genre, that would be even better. To sum up though, even when you take the two issues I have into account, this is still a great piece, which deviates from HIMEKA’s usual type of song.

PS: James Bond theme anyone?


So… this is more like normal HIMEKA, an anison piece that’s sunny and lively. The song itself isn’t that special – the instrumentation is the typical piano-strings-guitars anison combination, and the arrangement isn’t anything I haven’t heard before. The best part of the arrangement is the flashing harp lines, and the worst is the overly-drummed starts of the choruses. Usually, this would be the time where I rip into the song (bland anison blah blah blah), but because it’s HIMEKA, she charms me with her voice and all is well. So while this song is nice, it doesn’t catch my attention too much, and what saves it is HIMEKA-sama’s angelic serenade.


This single was good, but nowhere near as good as Where I Belong. HIMEKA sounded great in the two songs, and Kagiri Aru Yume showed a side of her music we haven’t heard before. TSU-BA-SA was kinda ordinary, but still a decent song. One other thing I noted was that they were both short, under four minutes long. It would have been nice if Kagiri Aru Yume in particular was longer, but overall I’m quite happy with this release.

Rating: 3.5 stars


Also, this is my 100th post. 🙂

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3 Responses to HIMEKA – Kagiri Aru Yume

  1. Hikari✩ says:

    This is exactly what I think about this single, not a word more nor less. I also agree about the total length of the single, that is shorter than her previous works.
    Anyway, vocally she is gorgeous as always! ♡
    I was waiting for a sweet and happy song from her, like La La La ~Sekai wo Hitotsu ni~ and, yes, TSU-BA-SA is nice, but isn’t something that memorable.
    I’m a bit sad for the single’s cover … I mean, the Rozen Maiden anime design is quite good, but I would have prefered a picture of HIMEKA, as you said ;_;

    Another solid single from HIMEKA~ I’m glad she is finally back with new music!
    Both songs were good, I’m enjoying it so much!
    Thanks for the review, for me 3.5/5 as well! ^_^

    • 123 says:

      Wow, we have exactly the same opinion? Haha, that’s good (and kinda rare for music). Glad you enjoyed the review, and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Damn, I knew I forgot to download something yesterday 😥
    Now I’ll have to wait later to download it and hear it

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