Yoko Hikasa – Seek Diamonds

Seek Diamonds


  1. Seek Diamonds
  2. Love My Melody
  3. Seek Diamonds (Instrumental)
  4. Love My Melody (Instrumental)

1. Seek Diamonds

Yoko Hikasa’s new single begins with a distinctive march of blaring trumpets and the pitter-patter of snare drums. It’s a refreshing change and captures my attention immediately. Unfortunately, none of this leaks into the rest of the track, which is taken direct from the Anison For Dummies handbook. There is nothing majorly wrong with the song. The issue is how it feels like I’ve heard tracks like this too many times. There are good parts though. Using bells in the chorus is a bit different, and there’s an interesting arrangement in the second verse where the chords shift around an unmoving bassline. Seek Diamonds is an easy-to-listen-to and catchy, but feels formulaic.

2. Love My Melody

And speaking of formulaic pieces, Love My Melody sounds like any overly cheerful Aya Hirano rock clone. It starts with a bend-filled lead guitar, accompanied by buoyant piano, and moves into a bright pop-rock vein in the verse. I like the bass guitar sound (and that you can actually hear it) and the guitar solos later on are cool. That’s the good things out of the way. The verse is decent enough, not special but perfectly fine. However, it gets annoying in the chorus, with disruptive breaks in the song every time Yoko sings “we are shouting” or similar lines. Chuck in the super-poppy nature of the track and voilà! You’ve now got one grumpy reviewer. A rather average B-side.

So. Unless Miss Hikasa whips up something fantastic, I’m gonna drop her from this site for a while. I can’t say I’ve been much impressed with what she’s done apart from Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai, with only a string of standard anison releases since then. Seek Diamonds was catchy but uncreative, and Love My Melody was overly poppy. I doubt they’ll get more than an occasional listen.

Rating: 2.5 stars


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2 Responses to Yoko Hikasa – Seek Diamonds

  1. Arthur Marsh says:

    Had a listen to this and watched the video that came with it, but it didn’t grab me either.

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