100/10 score for Faylan covers as usual.

100/10 score for Faylan covers as usual.


  3. BLUE BLAZE (off vocal)
  4. BELIEVE (off vocal)


BLUE BLAZE opens full of rage, fierce guitars and growling dubstep fusing to create an awesome synth-rock introduction. The sound of the intrumental parts is definitely one of BLUE BLAZE‘s strengths. The guitars are perfectly balanced with just the right amount of distortion, the dubstep adds an extra blast of aggressiveness, the bass guitar hammers away and the drums have a great heavy sound. I love the bassy oomph of the drums in the slow part of the verse. The only part that which doesn’t feel up to scratch are the bubbly-sounding, pseudo-metal riffs at the beginning. A normal distorted sound would have given a heavy feel more effectively. Faylan’s vocals are good throughout the song, still nasal on the higher notes but not overly so. The arrangement for nearly everything is great as well, but I don’t like the bridge nearly so much. I wish they had either a plain rhythmic instrumental or a guitar solo, but luckily the bridge is short so it doesn’t annoy me for a long time. However, the good far outweighs the bad, and this rocking tune is one of her strongest songs yet!


BELIEVE is more classical anison with strings and piano alongside the rhythm section, but what makes it stand out from the crowd is its mighty choir. Their chants and powerful backing vocals lift the song above the pool of genericness all by themselves. While I’m sure that BELIEVE would have been acceptable without the choir, their presence makes it so much more interesting. The track itself has a touch of fantasy in its genes, expressed in the strings and choir. Faylan sings solidly the whole way through, although she is overshadowed by the godly choruses of the choir. My least favourite part would have to be how they keep saying “special world”. Ugh, lame to the max. Singing it in broken English doesn’t help. Overall, BELIEVE is a very worthy dual A-side, and is a unique addition to Faylan’s discography.

Well, this single was awesome, and better than Wonder Fang (which I’ve lowered my opinion of since the review). Both tracks were highly respectable, and I can’t decide which one I like more. At the moment, I’m leaning towards BELIEVE because of the choir (haven’t heard that since Tobe Aoi Tori), but they were both pretty good!

Rating: 4.5 stars


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One Response to Faylan – BLUE BLAZE/BELIEVE

  1. At least we all agree that BLUE BLAZE is awesome xD

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