T.M.Revolution – HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~get the power~



  1. HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~get the power~

1. HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~get the power~

A short acoustic introduction opens the song, some Engrish mixed in with the Japanese lyrics. T.M.Revolution’s vocals are heavily filtered during the verse, but are cleaned up in the pre-chorus and stay that way in the chorus. The transition from the effects-laden vocals to unfiltered coincides with the change in instrumentation from heavy electro to the natural sound of the guitars. While the acoustic guitars sound great, it’s a huge change from the synths of earlier, and the result is the song lacks coherence. There are other issues too. The verse doesn’t feel like a verse – because of all the filtering, it seems more like an interlude between verses. I also find some of the vocal mixing quite unattractive, especially the buzzing effect in the intro vocals and the very distorted “get the power” at the end of the chorus. The length is but a tad over three minutes, and that’s lazily short. Now, that’s not to say there’s nothing good about the single. The English spoken rap sounds cool, Takanori sounds great when he’s singing unfiltered, the dubstep/electronic arrangement is solid, and I like the tempo drop in the chorus. Despite this, there’s too many problems with this song to call it a properly good track

HEAVEN ONLY KNOWS ~get the power~ was another decent single, but not really that great. I think T.M.R does best when he’s doing anison, and while my tolerance for electronic music has increased lately, it does wear on me after a while. It’s probably still worth a listen though.

Also yeah what did I say about not reviewing much? Haha…

Rating: 3 stars


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