GRANRODEO – The Other Self

the other self


  1. The Other Self
  2. Baby Bad Boy (Regular and Limited Edition only)
  3. DAWN GATE “Unfinished”
  4. The Other Self (OFF VOCAL)
  5. Bad Bad Boy (OFF VOCAL)
  6. DAWN GATE “Unfinished” (OFF VOCAL)


1. The Other Self

GRANRODEO waste no time getting into their new song, starting things off with flashy guitar licks from e-ZUKA. Crazy fast drums zap the speed up with help from quick rhythm guitar lines, and then the verse starts with another higher riff. KISHOW’s ridiculously enthusiastic vocals flood the track with a raging flow of power, and you can’t help but be swept away by the spirit in the song. Damn, he chose some awesomely catchy hooks in the chorus too, with “get me higher” and “rock me baby”. And the lead vocals are backed up with shouts from the band. The first half of the guitar solo is wild shredding in true GRANRODEO style, but the second half uses some backing parts as well. It’s not as noticeable as the lead but makes the second part of the solo more interesting. Overall, a fun and hard-rocking song from the duo!

2. Baby Bad Boy

To be added.

3. DAWN GATE “Unfinished”

What, GRANRODEO have a bassist? The intro of DAWN GATEUnfinished” is one of the rare times we are graced with their presence. The tempo of this piece sits at a laid-back, medium pace, and the atmosphere is a little old-style with floaty synths and high, ethereal guitar lines accompanying the rhythm section. KISHOW is more restrained this time, and I like his (unusually) consistent vibrato.  He actually stays on his extended notes, instead of doing a bit of vibrato and then sliding down and trailing off. Maybe the chorus could be a little more exciting (and his head voice a little less piddlesome) but it’s a pretty cool track nonetheless. I wholeheartedly approve of this song.

Yup, this single was great. The Other Self was just as good as their other Kurobas songs, fast, fun and with a touch of insanity. DAWN GATEUnfinished” was a really solid slower rock track, and KISHOW did a good job on the vocals. GRANRODEO POWAAA!!! Check this single out!



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