LiSA – Träumerei



  1. Träumerei
  2. I Doubt It
  3. Yuuyake Nostalgia (Limited Pressing Only)
  4. SPiCE (Regular & Limited Edition Only)


1. Träumerei

Träumerei begins with a brief gothic passage with bells and choir, then comes to life with catchy, repeated guitar riffs and fierce drums strikes. LiSA certainly doesn’t lack in energy in verse or chorus, and I love how she puts her all into every note. Her head voice could still improve a lot though (to say the least), and it would have been better if she didn’t switch on the last note of the chorus, because it feels like a weak ending. Moving on to the arrangement, it’s pretty much great, using straight rock instruments with goth touches here and there. There’s only one thing that bothers me, which is the transitional solo guitar in between the first verse and chorus. It seems like they’ve added in an extra half beat and sounds awkward. I’ve been quite picky this review but don’t get me wrong, this is a really good track. Träumerei is currently battling with Oath Sign as my favourite LiSA song, and I’d say that Träumerei has upper hand…

2. I Doubt It

The next track opens with slow guitar, but quickly turns fast and rocking. The arrangement uses dynamics well, with quiet sections that build up to the louder and exciting parts. While that’s all brill, the guitar work is on the messy side, especially the right panned one who seems to be doing whatever the hell it feels like. The guitar solo is pretty ugh as well.  However LiSA makes up for that with the energy in her voice. I’m happy with her performance here (except that ad lib part at the end). Another good song from her, but not as good as Träumerei.

3. Yuuyake Nostalgia

On the Anime Limited Pressing, the final track is Yuuyake Nostalgia. This song lacks some of the tempo of the previous two tracks, and to be honest it also lacks more important things like how to be interesting. LiSA sounds fairly similar to the other songs on this single, maybe a little less energetic, but she does get to show some very nice vibrato. But Yuuyake Nostalgia seems to be like thrown on track, like the composer couldn’t think of anything decent so decided to pull this one out of his dusty cupboard of uninspiration. Not impressed.

4. SPiCE

SPiCE starts with upbeat guitar riffs and positive chords, with light synths in the background. The verse chord progressions have an old-school rock feel to them and are different from typical anison – maybe something to do with the key change between the introduction and verse. This key change works very effectively from intro to verse and chorus to verse, but feels awkward the other way i.e. verse to chorus. Apart from that though, the chorus is pretty good, and shows spirit from LiSA’s vocals. The arrangement is solid, using rock instruments, the occasional synth and quiet Hammond organ. There’s also some Engrish chanting, which is slightly off-putting at times, but the “doo doos” in the bridge are really cool. Overall, a good song, not the same level as the first two tracks but definitely smashing Yuuyake Nostalgia.

LiSA has released her best single yet in Träumerei. If we forget the sucky Yuuyake Nostalgia, all three tracks were great and rocking, and the single would have ended up with a higher overall score than what I had to end up giving it. I like LiSA’s vibrato a lot, but I think there are two main things she needs to work on. First, gain more substance to her head voice, as it’s quite weak and airy. Second, I would love if she developed a more “mature” tone to her voice, I think this would very much suit darker songs like Träumerei. I feel her voice is a bit… childish?  But back to the main topic which is my impressions of the single, this release was very good. I hope there are edgier songs on the upcoming

Rating: 8/10

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14 Responses to LiSA – Träumerei

  1. You seemed to have gone all technical on this review! ;p

    I agree that LiSA’s voice is not entirely mature-sounding, but she has improved since her earlier stuff. Like, in ROCK-mode from LOVER”S”MiLE, she sounds like she’s childishly screaming sometimes (I love the song regardless! :p), but comparing that and träumerei, you’d see the difference! ^.^

    Glad you like SPiCE; I spent so much time looking for that, lol.

    And to finish my comment, I’ll just say this again:

    …you will be obsessed in due time, my friend… *evil laughter*

    • 123 says:

      Haha I don’t have heaps of musical theory behind me or anything but it seemed simple enough this time for me to go fiddle with a guitar while listening to it and see if I could figure out what was going on.

      I see what you mean in ROCK-mode, but I don’t mind in that song because it’s a fun song so doesn’t really matter. Not that Traumerei is heaps dark or anything, but it would just be nice to see her experiment with a deeper tone or something. I think she has improved her vocals though.

      Again. thanks very much for finding SPiCE for me 😀

      …you shall have to pray for that obsession.

  2. Artemis says:

    For some reason Träumerei just doesn’t really do it for me. I don’t think it’s a bad song by any means, but it doesn’t pull me in the way that many of her other songs do. That said, Oath Sign isn’t a solid favourite of mine either (although I like it more than Träumerei). I’d say Crossing Field is still my biggest love, probably followed by ROCK-mode and some of her tracks from Girls Dead Monster era.

    • 123 says:

      To me, Traumerei seems more serious (??) than a lot of songs in her discography. Maybe that’s a reason why you don’t like it as much. Or more likely I’m pulling things out of the air :-). Did you like any of the B-sides?
      What I wrote about comparing Oath Sign and Traumerei is probably only relevant to me, since it seems everyone prefers Crossing Field and I’m the odd one out who isn’t quite as fond of it. Well, I still like CF but yeah not quite as much.

  3. Yuki Nagato says:

    Eh I’m still to hear SPiCE D: I’m glad it’s good, though :3

  4. I’ll just wait for her release of album. And then I will review her.
    And for this I still prefer Oath Sign, and GiDeMo songs, than Traumerei.

  5. Norman says:

    where did you find the SPiCE song (i cant find it)

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