FLOW – Tokonatsu Endless

tokonatsu endless


  1. Tokonatsu Endless
  2. Itohen
  3. FTM ~Theme of Grand Final~
  4. Tokonatsu Endless (Instrumental)
  5. Itohen (Instrumental)


1. Tokonatsu Endless

FLOW advertised this track as “FLOW meets the 80’s with a pop-dance sound” and I certainly agree. Just listen to all those synths and that guitar line! Keigo starts the vocals to flittering clean guitar riffs and small amounts of synths, with  Koshi taking over at the pre-chorus. The chorus is the most memorable part of the song. First it starts with Koshi-lead harmony singing along with the same melody as the theme which recurs through the song. Then there’s some “woh-woh-wo-oh-ohs”. Finally there’s a descending head voice part from Koshi again, ending with a wild “ENDORESU!”. The head voice could do with some work but it’s still pretty cool. The bridge is just the same melody as the rest of the song, with some rap, guitar lines and slap bass. In the vocal department, both singers do well apart from one bit, the strained “seishun yo” line at the end. FLOW is a very enthusiastic band and it shows in this song, I’m quite happy with Tokonatsu Endless. While slightly repetitive, it’s an interesting change in style while retaining the FLOW feel.

2. Itohen

The next track still uses synths, but is a more typical track from FLOW. Keigo leads the vocals at first in the verse, while Koshi has the other parts. The chorus is really catchy like most FLOW songs, but I feel like I’ve heard the beginning of it before. Oh well not much of a surprise there. At least they keep up the great harmonising. I thought the addition of backing vocals in the last chorus was a nice touch too. It’s a good poppy rock tune.

3. FTM ~Theme of Grand Final~

The last track is an instrumental piece. It begins with strings, and lots of robotic voices saying “FLOW the Max”. Brass comes in with a sound that makes me think of a triumphant homecoming. Or maybe just a Grand Final. Then the genre completely changes and it becomes a synthy dance track with at first Middle Eastern influences, then threatening wails from the synthesizer. A very random piece, I like it better than their remixes but that’s not really saying much.

FLOW’s first single after FLOW THE MAX!!! was pretty good, but didn’t have the charm their last two singles held. However I did like that they changed things up with the 80’s feel in Tokonatsu Endless, as it’s always great when FLOW has some variety. The last track was unnecessary though.

Rating: 7.5/10

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2 Responses to FLOW – Tokonatsu Endless

  1. Kheronic says:

    Hey, will you ever do a review of FLOW THE MAX? I’m looking forward to seeing a review of it since Kurayami went on his break before he could review it.

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