LUNA SEA – Thoughts



  1. Thoughts
  2. Lost World


1. Thoughts

Thoughts begins with lightish guitar riffs with wailing wah-wah popping its head in for a bit. The verse then uses clean guitars as the rhythm, with distorted guitars bursting in for effect. I don’t think Ryuichi sounds as interested in the verse as any of the songs on the last single, but his very consistent vibrato in the chorus sounds great as usual. I love the higher backing vocals in the chorus too. Not sure about the tremolo picked right-mixed wah-wah guitar though, it sounds a bit messy and random. All up though, it’s just a pretty standard rock song, nowhere near as interesting as The End Of The Dream or Rouge.

2. Lost World

Lost World uses delicate touches of piano with ethereal synths to create a mystical atmosphere perfectly suiting the title of the song. Contrastingly though, the rest of the song is upbeat and funky with a heavy bassline, flickering guitars and simple drum line. The vocals start filtered, but when Ryuichi sings higher the filtering is removed to allow more expression in his voice. I like the use of synths, and there are some very interesting guitar lines racing up and down with a bright, clear sound. I prefer this to the A-side, while it’s not brilliant it’s different from usual J-Rock and interests me a bit.

Compared to their previous single The End Of The Dream/Rouge, this single was much weaker. Given, my expectations were very high after that but still I was disappointed. Now I’m wondering if the last single was an exception and what I should expect from their album, as I haven’t really found much LUNA SEA I like apart from that last single.

Rating: 7/10

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