Zwei – Heading For Tomorrow

heading for tomorrow


  1. Heading For Tomorrow
  2. Infinite Wish
  3. Heading For Tomorrow (Off Vocal)
  4. Infinite Wish (Off Vocal)


1. Heading For Tomorrow

Zwei’s latest song, Heading For Tomorrow, begins softly and slowly, with a peaceful piano melody and a few synths. Ayumu manages to sound a bit restrained at first, fitting nicely with the subtle piano lines. However she quickly pumps up the power as electric guitars and bassist Megu come in before the chorus. Ayumu’s vocals are so powerful in the chorus, and she sings in English a little too. Her English is actually fully understandable, and makes for a good hook line. Megu also has enough presence in this song, it’s easy enough to hear her bass playing and she gives her instrument a fierce, dark tone. A great example of how ani-rock should be.

2. Infinite Wish

Infinite Wish starts with a mournful piano part, and some narration by Ayumu. I can’t really tell what she’s saying though, I think it’s in English but it’s quiet and a garbled. Then powerful guitars, bass and drums enter in a loud rock fashion. before the verse takes a subdued mood. The sober combination of the piano and Ayumu’s soft but emotive vocals in the verse also accentuates the force and energy of the chorus. Ayumu also gets to show off some of her good head voice too in the chorus. To top it off, Megu gets a funky, rolling bass solo in the bridge. It’s another strong track from the duo.

Zwei’s first single of their new era was a good one. It was basically two punk chicks doing what they do best – rocking out to fierce music. I’m glad 5pb has gone away from the synthy anison sound to the rock anison sound. Keep it up!

Rating: 8.5/10

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