WAVE – CALDES -Episode:1- Werther no Shukugan

caldes ep 1


  1. ~Denshou~ Shin no Rinne to Ishizue
  2. Caldes
  3. ~Dai Ichimaku~ Tabidachi
  4. the DARK -magic-
  5. ~Dai Nimaku~ “Murasaki” no Kenja
  6. Mysterious Forest
  7. ~Dai Sanmaku~ Mou Hitotsu no Tabiji
  8. Encounter For Parting
  9. Zankyou to Shiroki Shinigami
  10. Chietaru Murasaki no Kakusei
  11. ~Shuumaku~ Ashita e…
  12. To Be Next Generation


1. ~Denshou~ Shin no Rinne to Ishizue

First is a track of narration by a voice actor called Motomu Kiyokawa. From what I can tell, this is a story album, so this is just the first of a few narration tracks. There’s some nice strings in the background, but the talking is all in Japanese so I’m not really going to listen to it too much.

2. Caldes

Onto the first song! This piece is called Caldes, and is sung by Noriko Mitose and Lily (who I called Yuri Nazuka in my last two WAVE reviews. Seems she’s changed her stage name. Yuri means lily in Japanese btw). It opens with a bright acoustic guitar melody, but when the vocals start it goes a capella for a bit. Noriko Mitose begins with the lead, and acoustic guitar and hand drumming appear as she sings. She’s got a more “normal” sounding voice than Lily, and I also wonder if she’s got some enka training behind her. I say this because of the way she does little note wobbles now and then. As the song progresses, Noriko and Lily have melody parts at the same time, with a multitude of harmonies between them. In contrast with the complex vocal arrangements, the instrumental arrangement is kept simple, which allows the focus to be drawn to the vocalists. An interesting first song!

3. ~Dai Ichi Maku~ Tabidachi

Another narration. As my Japanese skills are pretty much non-existent, it doesn’t hold much meaning to me. Moving on…

4. the DARK -magic-

Next is a quirky piano instrumental composed by MORRIGAN, who writes nearly all of WAVE’s original music. The piece begins with a burst of fast piano lines with sudden pauses in between. In the beginning, most of the time there’s a very staccato feel, but it becomes a little more flowing at about the halfway point. There’s not much bass parts for the piano at first, but later on more is used, and in an attention-grabbing way! This is a pretty cool instrumental track.

5. ~Dai Ni Maku~ “Murasaki” no Kenja

Dum-dee-dum-dee-dum blah blah blah. Yeah.

6. Mysterious Forest

This track starts with soft flute and chants by Lily, who is the vocalist this track. It sounds nice but isn’t particularly interesting until a third of the way through. There, the energy is upped with higher vocals, and added instrumentation of violin. The boring chanting returns for a while, and is then followed by a violin solo, which is an interesting change. Luckily, the more exciting, multi-vocal parts then return. On the whole, while there were some good parts, they were balanced out by the less interesting parts, so average overall.

7. ~Dai San Maku~ Mou Hitotsu no Tabiji

You know the drill now. *sigh*

8. Encounter For Parting

Encounter For Parting is a duet between another singer called Muta, and Lily. The track has a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere, with Muta leading with her light and pleasant vocals. While Muta sounds nice, she does have a slightly childish feel to her voice, which I don’t find as attractive. Meanwhile, Lily is looking good on the backing vocals. The arrangement is soft with mostly strings and a soft xylophone, and also features chiming church bells. These bells give a grand impression, but the track on the whole isn’t on of their best.

9. Zankyou to Shiroki Shinigami

Zankyou to Shiroki Shinigami begins with chants from Noriko Mitose and a choir-like atmosphere from Lily. Deep, menacing strings fill the background, drums rumble and cymbals crash, while the vocalists soar high. Noriko’s most distinctive part is cool yet oddly toned chanting, which is repeated a few times through the song. She also gets a solo in the middle. On the other hand, Lily’s sections take a harmonising/backing role. The most impressive part of the song is about two-thirds of the way through, where there is a key change as both singers reach impressive heights. This is followed by godly harmonies from Noriko and Lily. When I listen to WAVE, this is what I want to hear, an awesome song. It then leads on smoothly…

10. Chietaru Murasaki no Kakusei

…to the next track, which is Lily-only this time. Oooooh three vocal tracks in a row, it’s a miracle! Chietaru Murasaki no Kakusei begins with Lily’s vocal harmonising to bells and a little percussion, with harp and strings introduced as the song progresses. There’s a part in the middle section that’s edgier than the rest, and the track quietens for a moment as a haunting violin appears above the vocals. Then suddenly the full instrumentation reappears with a flash of power, and it continues in this strong way until the end. It’s good, but sadly short as well. Maybe they could have combined this and the previous one for a longer song.

11. ~Shuumaku~ Ashita e…

Wooo last narration! There’s an impressive orchestral piece going on quietly in the background, but that’s about it.

12. To Be Next Generation

And now we get to the last track, where we are blessed with the joys of good grammar. There’s not much to say about it actually, it’s a one and a half minute folk-y acoustic instrumental. A violin plays melody and is accompanied by a flute-like instrument in the final stages. A nice way to finish I suppose, but not anything special.

I was a bit disappointed with this album. Given it was twelve tracks long, that only five were vocal pieces annoyed me. Maybe it would have been better for Japanese speakers, but as I (and I assume most of you) can’t understand Japanese, having that much narration kind of sucked. The music was pretty good as usual though, a couple of weaker tracks in the middle but solid apart from that. I notice the album has “Episode 1” in it’s name, which makes me think there will be more albums of this sort. Hopefully not.

Top Tracks:

  • Zankyou to Shiroki Shinigami
  • Caldes
  • the DARK -magic-

Rating: 7.5/10

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