Nana Mizuki – SENKIZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G Character Song Vol.4 Tsubasa Kazanari



  1. Gekkou no Ken
  2. Koi no Okehazama
  3. Gekkou no Ken (off vocal)
  4. Koi no Okehazama (off vocal)


1. Gekkou no Tsurugi

The first track is a typical Elements Garden dance track, except with a  Japanese twist to it. Actually, I’m getting a bit sick of all these dance tracks, at least they made this one a bit different. Anyway, there are cool Japanese instruments in it, a shakuhachi, shamisen and koto. Of course, there’s also the normal instruments of synths, guitars and a digital beat, but chants feature as well. Compared to the other Symphogear G character songs, the arrangement doesn’t interest me as much, it’s just lacking something and doesn’t have the same appeal as the others. I do like the Japanese influenced parts though, and Nana was sounding good in the vocal department. Overall, there were some interesting parts, but not as the same level as the leading tracks of the other two character songs I’ve reviewed so far.

2. Koi no Okehazama

OK, this was very clever. They got us in the mood with the Japanese spin on a more normal track, and then when they whipped out an ENKA(!!!) track, the transition is all smooth. This is really awesome. Nana is using her enka voice, which I’ve heard she was trained in but have never heard before. I’m especially happy with how much expression is in her vocals. The song itself is mid-tempo, with a mix of lots of brass, traditional instruments, strings and an old-school blues-rock bassline. Very sweet, though I don’t think they should have done a fade out at the end. A cool song, and I prefer it to Gekkou no Tsurugi.

This was a very interesting single. The A-side was fairly average, but it was a gutsy move to put an enka track as the B-side and I think it paid off. Now, Koi no Okehazama was cool, but to me it still doesn’t beat Yoko Hikasa’s mighty Ressou Gungnir. Not bad at all though, not bad at all.

Rating: 8/10

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3 Responses to Nana Mizuki – SENKIZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G Character Song Vol.4 Tsubasa Kazanari

  1. Cytrus says:

    Not to nitpick, but the correct titles are:

    Gekkou no Tsurugi
    Ressou Gungnir

    and if you intend to review the Shirabe/Kirika singles:

    Oukyo Shul Shagana
    Gokuren Igalima

    Not that I’m surprised everyone gets those wrong, as they’re almost impossible to read without assistance…

    • 123 says:

      No problem at all, thanks! I’ll fix that soon. Sorry probably a stupid question, but I assume you mean Gekkou no Tsurugi from this single and Ressou Gungir from the Yoko Hikasa one? I’ll review the other singles depending on whether I like the vocalist or not :-).

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