UVERworld – Fight For Liberty/Wizard CLUB



  1. Fight For Liberty
  2. Wizard CLUB


1. Fight For Liberty

The first A-side from their latest single is a powerful rock song featuring the quirky UVERworld sound. It starts off with a spirited guitar/drums opening with a touch of synth and a strings section in the latter part. The strings continue in the verse, before they’re replaced by the band’s main instruments plus piano. In anison style, the strings return in the chorus providing extra depth to the arrangement. Vocalist Takuya sounds pretty sweet, singing rapidly with bits of rap interspersed. Well, he sounds like he’s spitting on words starting with “b” and such, but it’s not too bad. It’s catchy and fun, and a strong track.

2. Wizard CLUB

The second A-side begins with a long drum roll, and then reveals itself to be one of their saxy-rock songs. The verse is slower and acoustic, then the pre-chorus is synthy, followed by a rock-synth combo in the chorus. Quite a mix of styles! My favourite part of the instrumentation is the saxophone – it’s such a cool instrument and when it’s in a rock song that’s even better! The tempo of Wizard CLUB feels like it could be fast, but stays slowish most of the time with brief bursts of speed. Takuya’s vocals are exciting as usual, there’s more rapping and shouting compared to the last track, but he still hits his notes well. I prefer Fight For Liberty to Wizard CLUB, but it’s a good B-side.


The third track, a LOVELY TONE, is the most experimental out of the three. A loose ballad, it begins with piano and a single guitar line, with clapping introduced as the percussion. The verse sees the the addition of acoustic and electric guitar, and a little drums. Takuya sings along calmly, but when you think the chorus is about to come in powerfully something odd happens. Instead, the chorus is simpler, with all instrumentation except percussion removed, and replaced with a male choir sound and clapping. It’s different, but works well. The second chorus is normal, but the choir chorus returns the third time. Overall, an experimental but funky ballad.

UVERworld’s first single this era sees them continue their strong run of singles. On this one, we had a fast and exciting rock number in Fight For Liberty, a slower, more progressive song in Wizard CLUB, and finally, the unconventional ballad a LOVELY TONE. I am impressed with their effort here, but hopefully their next single can rival the mighty 7th Trigger.

Rating: 8.5/10

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