T.M.Revolution – Summer Blizzard



  1. Summer Blizzard


1. Summer Blizzard

Daisuke Asakura has just boarded the Dubstep Express. Hopefully he’ll get off at the next station. Summer Blizzard starts with a wobbling electro/dubstep sequence, loud drums and Takanori singing under a little filters. Synths and other FX are the core of the instrumentation, with repeated electronic lines repeated through the song. Interestingly, in the chorus the percussion isn’t the standard dance beat. In the first half, there is a driving snare drum which provides a galloping feel. Takanori sounds so pumped, well he’s singing about chewing gum for God’s sake, what can you expect? “GUM, COME ON!” However, it isn’t one of his best songs, it’s very poppy and is missing the spark of his other singles. I’d prefer less electroness as well.

T.M.R’s latest single was used to advertise Lotte Zeus gum, so of course it was some TV-friendly super-mainstream pop track. Maybe if you like electropop stuff you’d like it, but it wasn’t for me.

Rating: 7/10

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2 Responses to T.M.Revolution – Summer Blizzard

  1. Yuki Nagato says:

    That was used to… promote gum? I’d hate to write the tie-in below the cover like I usually do xDD

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