Yoko Hikasa – SENKIZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G Character Song Vol.3 Maria Cadenzavna Eve



  1. Ressou Gungnir
  2. Dark Oblivion
  3. Ressou Gungnir (off vocal)
  4. Dark Oblivion (off vocal)


1. Ressou- Gungnir

I was shocked by this song as soon as the instruments started playing. Ressou Gungnir opens with a full orchestra plus a male choir chanting away in their deep voices. It makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a vibrant fantasy world, teeming with new and exciting things. After the long introduction, both Yoko’s vocals and an electronic beat come in, and she’s using a deeper tone suitable for the grand arrangement. I’ve been waiting for her to sound like this for a while and she pulled it off for this song (pity she didn’t do it for Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai and Reculusive but I’ll take what I can get). The orchestral parts, however, are the most impressive elements – blazing horns, graceful strings, trilling flutes and the imposing choir fills the arrangement with a stunning power. The beats could have been heavier (or replaced with real percussion), but apart from that it’s one of the best character songs I’ve heard.

2. Dark Oblivion

Dark Oblivion begins with filtered vocals, pounding beats and a synth/dubstep combination. In contrast with Ressou Gungnir, it’s a dark electronic song as opposed to orchestral/dance. The verses are edgy with a healthy serving of menacing synths and Yoko’s deeper vocals. She channels some anger into her chorus performance, which is memorable and gritty. So, all good right? Well, not quite. The thing is, the whole song is sung in English. Yoko’s English is just as brilliant as Faylan’s in Dead END. If the other things I mentioned were selling points of the song, this would be the un-selling point. A cool song, but the lyrics pronunciation dropped the score. It would have been better had it been sung in mostly Japanese.

The third Symphogear G character single was also a solid release (I’m not going to review the second because it was overly cutesy). Ressou Gungnir had a seriously impressive orchestral mix while Dark Oblivion, while flawed, had its good points. Nana-chan-kami-sama (I said it Moira. Happy? :-)) is releasing her character single soon, so I’m expecting a wicked arrangement to match.

Rating: 8.5/10

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5 Responses to Yoko Hikasa – SENKIZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G Character Song Vol.3 Maria Cadenzavna Eve

  1. “Yoko’s English is just as brilliant as Faylan’s in Dead END.” Love that sarcasm, hahaha.

    By the way, your reviews are quite extensive now, yehey. *claps*

    And lastly… YES I AM HAPPY. Keep up that honorific overload, lolol 😀

  2. Iana says:

    Yeah, I love Retsu Yori – Gungnir more than Dark Oblivion.. If the lyrics was in Japanese it would awesome too..

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