Yoko Hikasa×Nana Mizuki – SENKIZESSHOU SYMPHOGEAR G Character Song Vol.1 Maria×Tsubasa Kazanari



  1. Fushidori no Flamme
  2. Fushidori no Flamme (TV Size)
  3. Fushidori no Flamme (Off Vocal)


1. Fushidori no Flamme

Synths bubble and whirl as acoustic guitar plays an arpeggio in the introduction. As electronic beats come in, Nana begins the vocals with Yoko on backing. However, as the song continues, they swap lead parts frequently, often concluding their lines with harmonies. The two ladies hit some fairly high notes in the chorus, which reminds me of Synchrogazer (well, the whole song is pretty Synchrogazery). Yoko pulls out some big vibrato to match with Nana’s, meaning they sync on their harmonies on the whole. I was wondering if their voices would match because in Yoko’s solo work, her vibrato was smaller, but luckily it does. Nana sounds good, but I’ve heard better tone from her. Love those sliding high notes at the end of the choruses though. The instrumentation is mostly layers of synths with more synths sprinkled on top, mixed in with digital beats. But the arranger also decided to throw in acoustic guitar too, which I adore here! Fushidori no Flamme is a great duet from Nana and Yoko, and catchy too.

I’ve always been wary of character songs (especially by female seiyuu), becayse when the voice actors sing for their characters they have to take the characters’ voices and tones, which sometimes sounds bad. Luckily for Symphogear though, because singing is a main component of the anime, they can sing with good tone (OK I have no idea, I haven’t watched the anime). This single was a nice surprise of electronic goodness, and now I think I’ll go listen to the others…

Rating: 8.5/10

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