Leo Ieiri – Kimi ni Todoke



  1. Kimi ni Todoke


1. Kimi ni Todoke

Kimi ni Todoke begins with filtered chants, accompanied by piano chords and a quiet, buzzing guitar. The verse is a ballad to start with, but as the drums enter, the tempo becomes medium paced, similar to Wake You Up. Leo’s voice shows lots of expression, she hits the high notes well, and her vibrato is gorgeous. In the chorus, her power increases but keeps that great tone of hers. We also see the use of light synthage in the instrumentation.  I can’t say I liked the fade out of her vocals at the end, but apart from that it’s a strong track!

I continue to be happy with Leo Ieiri’s releases. Like I said last review, her style of music isn’t my preferred genre, but what makes it for me is her fantastic voice. Another good single.

Rating: 8/10

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9 Responses to Leo Ieiri – Kimi ni Todoke

  1. I quite like this song too (her voice… oh-ma-gahh), but I was disappointed because the single is so empty… one song, really? >.<

  2. I heard this track on her album ‘A Boy’ and liked it. On my first listen to the album it was one of the few tracks that made my ears prick up. I initially thought ‘A Boy’ wasn’t as good as ‘LEO’ but after a few listens I feel she’s actually made some nice changes to her original sound (slightly more edgy), whilst still maintaining her great vocals and catchy tunes.

    • Alex says:

      I haven’t listened to LEO yet, so can’t compare them. Whoops, should hear it sometime, cos I think Leo Ieiri is pretty awesome. I think Kimi no Todoke is one of her better songs though, and my opinion of it has only gone up.
      Any other tracks from “A Boy” that stood out to you? I seem to remember being generally impressed with it, but apart from “Taiyou no Megami” and “A Boy”, I can’t remember what songs I thought were particularly good.

      • I thought “Free”, “Kibou no Hoshi” and “Papa&Mama” were pretty good as well. Yeah, I think she’s awesome too! You really have to give LEO a listen – plenty of brilliant tunes on it!

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