Eri Kitamura – Birth



  1. Birth
  2. Lifetime Trader
  3. Birth (Off Vocal Ver.)
  4. Lifetime Trader (Off Vocal Ver.)


1. Birth

Birth starts awesomely with bells, church organ and chanting as an introduction, and then bursts into an anison-metal combo. The song is filled with metal influences with hard-edged riffs, as well as the anison mainstays of strings and piano. Apparently metal is one of Eri’s favourite genres, so it’s good to see her anime tracks having those features. Her singing is exciting, and suits the rocking feel of the track. The strings go well with the electric guitars, there’s a great guitar solo, and the drums sound fantastic. What a sweet track!

2. Lifetime Trader

The B-side also begins well, with slow, mysterious plucked chords and a soft choir. Becoming a rock track, the rest of the opening is furious and powerful, and will be sure to get your blood pumping. Unfortunately, there’s not much else good about this song. Her vocals are harsh and gross, except for when she goes lighter just before the chorus. This results in both the verse and chorus being unmemorable. Her English is mangled, and the bridge was a horrible mess. I liked the angry male shouts in the chorus, but apart from those things there wasn’t much in this song for me.

Birth ended up being a half and half single. The title track was great, but the coupling track was bad and never should have existed. It’s the weakest out of her three singles this era. Still, her run of A-sides has been good and I hope she continues them.

Rating: 6.5/10

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4 Responses to Eri Kitamura – Birth

  1. Yuki Nagato says:

    Also, Lifetime Trader is a pure copy (as in, literally, barely different) of LOVE&HATE from her debut album, making it an even bigger fail.

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