Nana Mizuki – Vitalization



  1. Vitalization
  2. Ai no Hoshi
  3. Dramatic Love


1. Vitalization

Vitalization starts slowly with a rush of synths and beats, followed by Nana’s vocals and flowing strings. It soon picks up in tempo, but seems more controlled than its earlier counterpart Synchrogazer. There’s lots of synths of synths, but I love that there’s also natural instruments like strings and piano to be heard. Just when things are speeding along, there’s a fierce and heavy electro breakdown, which features Nana under filters and sounds fantastic. Moving on to the chorus, the synth craziness is ramped up to new heights. Nana skilfully navigates her way through tricky passages of the song and delivers an excellent performance. I’ll say this again, but the heavy string usage was brilliant and was a strong selling point of this song to me. All in all, a great song, and better than Synchrogazer? I think so!

2. Ai no Hoshi

Opening with touching piano and whispery strings, Nana then enters with some of her most emotional vocals. The strings presence increases, becoming the main instrument as the song proceeds, and in the second verse others are introduced. I hear acoustic guitar, bass and drums, as well as wind instruments and harp. These combine to provide a rich environment in which the song flourishes. My only complaint is that Nana sounds piercing on those high notes. I know she always sounds like that, but it stands out on ballads, while I don’t really mind on faster songs. Still, it’s no doubt an impressive piece, and the best ballad I’ve heard from her yet.

3. Dramatic Love

Aaaaand to contrast with Ai no Hoshi, Dramatic Love is a ridiculously upbeat synthpop song. It’s fairly silly, but you can feel the enthusiasm spurting out at every opportunity. The bluesy influences such as the piano in the second verse make it different from the average peppy track. I’m also getting Fooling Mode vibes at times from some of the percussion. Nana’s kawaii-ometer is fairly high here, her English is soooo cute!!! Those things being said, it is still very poppy and doesn’t stick with me like the other two tracks did.

Nana certainly wanted to kick things off with a bang this era. Vitalization was a 100% “wow my brain just exploded” song, Ai no Hoshi was a lovely ballad, and Dramatic Love finished with some fun. If she continues like this we’re in for a treat.

Rating: 9/10

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8 Responses to Nana Mizuki – Vitalization

  1. Yuki Nagato says:

    Yeah, I agree. It is better than Synchrogazer ❤

  2. Great, you and Yuki have said it all. What am I supposed to write for my review now, lol. 😀

  3. Yeah, Vitalization is a good song. Looking forward to her next single “Kakumei Dualism”.

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