exist†trace – Diamond



  1. Diamond
  2. Kuchibiru
  4. Diamond (Instrumental)
  5. Kuchibiru (Instrumental)
  6. JUST ONE (Instrumental)


1. Diamond

The first single of their new era, Diamond kicks off with a peppy guitar/synth combo and upbeat percussion. Both Jyou and Miko sing lead vocals this time, Jyou with the deeper voice (mixed to the right) and Miko higher (mixed left), and they swap lines in the verse and sync well. The chorus is fairly good, thought not the best I’ve heard from them. In the bridge, heavy guitars and electro battle it out in an awesome breakdown. It’s a much more mainstream rock song than what we’ve heard from the before, and I’m really liking it!

2. Kuchibiru

To hand clapping, Kuchibiru opens with bluesy guitar riffs. I’m rarely a fan of clapping and this song is no exception, it sounds cheesy to me. Miko starts the vocals and then Jyou sings a similar line. It was a good choice to put Miko first because while Miko’s voice is fine, Jyou’s is better. The chorus is all right, and it sounds cool when they say “kuroneko”, but could have more going for it. There’s still synths but less than in Diamond, and they go well with the guitars and band. Unfortunately, the guitar solo is sloppy, but still a pretty good song.


The third song, JUST ONE, is faster than the other two and packs more of a punch. The singing starts immediately with Jyou and Miko switching the lead up. The synth in the verse is more of a low buzz, and to be honest it’s quite annoying, luckily it’s not there all the time. However, the drums and guitars are exciting, and the vocals show energy too. Another solid track.

From what I can see, exist†trace are steadily heading towards a mainstream rock sound, as shown by the poppier nature of their songs and the use of synths. I’m a fan of this movement. I also like that Miko sings more now, I love it when bands have multiple vocalists as it adds depth to their line-up and allows for extra harmonies. Diamond was a good single with the title track being the strongest, you won’t find a Daybreak here, but just three respectable tracks.

Rating: 7.5/10

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