May’n – ViViD

ViViD 2


  1. ViViD
  2. Wild Rose
  3. ViViD (without May’n)
  4. Wild Rose (without May’n)


1. ViViD

The catchy pop tune ViViD opens with clean guitar riffs and bright synths. Moving quickly to the verse, May’n sounds… well, May’n-like. Strained at times, but not uncomfortably so for the listener. The chord progressions in the verse are anything but original, but they work well so it doesn’t matter. The chorus is fairly exciting, though I’m bothered by her tone in a few places. I love the bridge, the guitar sounds clinkily great and there are heavy electronic influences. Good song, but doesn’t beat Run Real Run.

2. Wild Rose

The B-side is a piano ballad, and what stands out to me at first is the beautiful piano chords and how it interplays with the bass guitar. May’n uses as softer tone and show good control over her voice, especially in the chorus which was a lot better than I expected. Through the song, strings, guitars and drums are introduced, increasing the effectiveness of the arrangement. However, I think it could have done without the speeding up in the bridge, that was badly handled and didn’t fit the song. Apart from that, it’s a nice ballad.

May’n is doing pretty well for herself with another solid release. I preferred the pop-rockiness of ViViD over the slower Wild Rose, but they were both pretty good.

Rating: 7.5/10

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