Faylan – Wonder Fang

wonder fang


  1. Wonder Fang
  2. Blue Sanction
  3. Wonder Fang (Off Vocal)
  4. Blue Sanction (Off Vocal)


1. Wonder Fang

Watch out, Faylan is back and ready to rock! Beginning with a short chorus, Faylan’s strong vocals grab me from the outset and I’m immediately loving that fierce power and vibrato on “wonder faaaaang”. Guitar riffs and hard drums dominate the aural landscape, and Faylan tears through the vocals with her husky voice. Both the verse and chorus are fist-pumpingly thrilling and filled to the brim with energy. The song’s really rocking and catchy and I’m really loving it, so great A-side!

2. Blue Sanction

She sure likes her song names to be colourful, doesn’t she? The second track Blue Sanction is lighter than the first, but clearly still a rock song. I love that heavy guitar riff just after the first vocal part, which is repeated through the song. The verse is initially subdued with just piano and drums, but becomes more intense as guitars come in. The chorus isn’t at the same level as Wonder Fang’s but still good. It’s interesting that when she says “blue sanction”, it sounds very similar to the matching part in Wonder Fang (although the songs had different composers). Nice to see a guitar solo too, they’re rare in Faylan songs. Good B-side, but not as great as the A-side.

Wooo Faylan has had a really strong run with her last few singles (maybe discounting WHITE Justice) and Wonder Fang is a great addition. She kicks butt at rock songs, so what she should do is persuade her producers not to give her piddly anison like they do sometimes and than we’ll have Rock Queen Faylan who’s like Maon Kurosaki 2 (except I like Faylan’s vocals more than Maon’s). A great single, especially Wonder Fang which I’m liking more with each listen.

Rating: 9/10

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4 Responses to Faylan – Wonder Fang

  1. vingutsch says:

    Will be reviewed the single blue blaze by faylan?

    • 123 says:

      I hope to get around to it sometime… within the next month 🙂

      • vingutsch says:

        Thank you!
        Can I make a band suggestion?
        Asriel, they are a pretty cool gothic lolita duo.

        • 123 says:

          I have heard some Asriel before, including their maxi-single Eien Ni Sasageshi Itetsuku Nemuri and quite a few other tracks, but to be honest Kokomi’s voice kills off the enjoyment for me, I find it to be overly high (yeah I listen to Yousei Teikoku though so I guess that makes me a hypocrite). There are a few tracks I like such as Garden, but sorry I have no plans to review them at the moment.

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