Yoko Hikasa – Glamorous Songs

Glamorous Songs


  1. Glamorous Days
  3. Rhythm Linkage
  4. Through the Looking-Glass
  5. Reclusive
  6. Neo Image
  7. Mezameshi Dokei


1. Glamorous Days

Recently, quite a few anison artists have had experimental sounding lead tracks to their albums, for example: Zwei’s Re:Set, Faylan’s Prism Flower and Maon Kurosaki’s VERTICAL HORIZON. Yoko Hikasa’s Glamorous Days follows this trend. It begins with the eclectic mix of dubstep, gentle piano and ALIPRO-esque strings. The verse combines these elements in a relaxed and mysterious way, and features some unusual chord progressions. Contrastingly, the chorus is packed with excitement and is more pop/rock/anison. Yoko’s vocals sound great, and provide some normalcy to this odd yet cool track.


By comparison, the second song BALLOON is more standard pop-rock. Using a few guitars, piano and strings, the structure of BALLOON is fairly anison in nature. The chorus is catchy and interesting, and Yoko gives a good performance. BALLOON doesn’t push the boundaries by any means, but is still a nice listen.

3. Rhythm Linkage

The beginning of this song doesn’t give an accurate impression of the whole. It starts off rather sci-fi, followed by a ballad-like section with strings, light snare drum and a choir. But then the song is flipped on its head, becoming a synth-fest with them Synchrogazer vibes. It’s got some good beats and is fairly catchy as well. As for the instrumentation, it’s mostly comprised of many types of synths, but in the background you can just make out electric guitar and piano. The chorus is repeated a bit much, but I like it quite a lot!

4. Through the Looking-Glass

The fourth track begins with some slow plucked electric guitar chords and synths, with a bit of bass and a slow drum beat. Yoko’s vocals are very good, and she does some nice switches to her upper register. The song itself has odd form – it seems like it just has two long choruses and no verse. Well, it’s repetitive but bouncy and a nice track anyway.

5. Reclusive

Wow, Reclusive starts off so hard and furious. Drums pound away to heavy guitars as a flurry of synths whips up a storm above. Yoko starts by singing under filters, but they are removed later in the verse. There’s a brief pause from the heaviness before the chorus, and then the chorus is actually on the lighter side because of the flowing piano added. Instead of a guitar solo, there’s a piano solo instead, which is unusual yet lovely. Vocal-wise, ther’s nothing wrong with them but it would have suited the song a lot more if she had used a deeper tone. Well it’s a cool song so yeah =P

6. Neo Image

Neo Image is another rock song, but not as hard as Reclusive. Yoko starts off under filters but there’s too much this time (and the high pitch-shifted part in the intro is really annoying). I prefer when filters are used for effect, instead of while sections of the song. That’s my main problem. Now, there’s funky chords and a sweet bassline with slap bass which is awesome, as well as synths to add colour to the arrangement. The chorus is good, but the guitar solo is lazy. So there’s good and bad to this song, averaging out.

7. Mezameshi Dokei

Mezameshi Dokei has an old-school, swaying feel with its 3/4 timing. Rhythm guitar and vocals open the track, and piano and the band are introduced later. At certain times, a strings section provides a backing countermelody. Yoko sounds fine apart from one part later on where she goes thin on a high note. Going with the old-school manner, there’s a fade out, which ends this slow, relaxing song nicely.

I think I had the wrong idea about Yoko Hikasa’s music. After Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai, I assumed she was going to do big, epic songs, so understandably I was disappointed with Owaranai Uta. I can see from this album that she’s just going to do pop-rock, so my expectations have now shifted accordingly. Glamorous Songs was a solid collection, none of the tracks stood out as brilliant, but they were all good songs. I like her voice, but it owuld be great if she could change her tone to suit the songs (Reclusive especially). It was a good first album, so go have a listen you pop-rock lovers!

Top Tracks:

  • Glamorous Days
  • Reclusive
  • Rhythm Linkage

Rating: 7.5/10

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3 Responses to Yoko Hikasa – Glamorous Songs

  1. Artemis says:

    Aaand I only just realised after reading this that Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai was Hikasa’s work. Listening to that track now it’s obvious to me that it’s her voice, but I guess I was just too used to her upbeat pop-rock material like we got with most of the stuff in K-On! (some of which I liked, some of which I really didn’t) to properly notice. Having just listened now to Glamorous Songs, I think I like the new tracks, but probably not enough to actually do anything about it.

    • 123 says:

      I haven’t heard K-On! music (or watched the anime) except No, Thank You!. Is that her singing?

      I like the new tracks, but I want something dark and powerful from her. Well it’s early days yet so I’ll stick with her a bit longer and see where it takes me.

      • Artemis says:

        Yep, that’s her. ‘No, Thank You!’ is probably my favourite track, and ‘Don’t Say Lazy’ is a lot of fun as well. I also do very much like ‘Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai’ though, so I can certainly see why you’re after something dark and powerful.

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