Jupiter – Blessing of the Future

blessing of the future


  1. Blessing of the Future
  2. ARIA


1. Blessing of the Future

A guitar wails and powerful chords play, announcing Jupiter’s debut in style. The next part is typical power metal, hurrying drums and dual guitars blazing out the lead melody. The verse is fast with guitar power chords and strings, and the chorus follows a similar fashion. I like the rare slower parts though. The guitar solos are good but standard for this genre, but I love that rhythmic breakdown in between the two solos. New vocalist Zin does very well for himself, delivering a solid performance, and his voice has a few quirks, which I’ll discuss later. As for the song as a whole, it’s good but sounds much like early Versailles power metal.


ARIA also starts slow, but unlike Blessing of the Future, it stays at mid-tempo. Early chord progressions are even a bit happy, which is a surprise to me. The verse is slow with strings in the background and clean guitar to go along with the distorted electric. In the chorus, Zin does a couple of head voice switches, and so far I’d rate his head voice as a tad better than Kamijo’s good days. Being the band they are, there are guitar solos left, right and centre  but I don’t mind as the song isn’t super fast power metal. Another strong track.


Opening with a short burst of industrial synths, SHOUT YOUR DESIRE goes for a rhythmic metal route instead of melodic. In the verse, the drums and guitars are dark and heavy, while Zin takes and aggressive tone and at times uses filters on his voice. There are parts in the chorus that I don’t like as much, but there are also parts where the vocals are so fierce and powerful. The guitar solo is in two parts, first slower and then faster – I prefer the slower one. Not quite as good as the first two tracks, but still fairly solid.

If you didn’t know, Jupiter is the band formed by the ex-members of Versailles except for Kamijo, who’s role has been taken over by new vocalist Zin. Their sound is very similar to that of Versailles, but slightly lighter than Versailles’ last few albums. So far, Zin seems a good replacement for Kamijo. He has the same visual kei sounding voice, but there are also differences. Zin’s tone is higher, and his vibrato slower (it’s basically a clone of Ryuichi from LUNA SEA’s vibrato). From what I’ve heard this single, Zin’s head voice is a little stronger than Kamijo’s, but we’ll see as Jupiter release more music. He can also get grit and roughness in his voice as shown in SHOUT YOUR DESIRE, something I don’t remember hearing from Kamijo. The quirk I mentioned earleir was that he slides up to his notes a lot, though more in the first two tracks. It’s not annoying (well not yet in any case), just different. So anyway a good release from the band and I’m hoping for an even better album.

Rating: 8/10

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