Ceui – Soai Calendula

Soai Calendula


  1. Soai Calendula
  2. Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa


1. Soai Calendula

As an anime ending theme, of course Soai Calendula is a ballad. The arrangement is soft and meandering, using strings, acoustic guitar, piano, drums and the occasional electric guitar. Ceui’s voice is high but not cute, and fits with the instruments perfectly. There’s a sparkling piano solo in the bridge, where the song peaks in power. She ends on a good high note too. It’s a nice ballad, but nothing special.

2. Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa

When I saw the track length I felt a warm wetness trickling down my leg… ‘Kay I’m joking (really, I am!!!) but I do get a little scared when I see a song is 14 minutes long. So how was it? Read on. Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa begins with tribal chanting, and Ceui comes in to a ballad setting of quiet piano and acoustic guitar, with strings added later. For this part, you could imagine it being sung in a forest, as there are bird songs and sounds of nature around. Then the tempo picks up as the song takes a folk-rock style. There are lower piano parts that give a heavy sound, and in the chorus there’s sections resembling the chorus of Guren no Yumiya (not as good though). As a change about halfway through, acoustic guitar and accordion feature in a lighter part with 3/4 timing. To top it off, there’s an awesome guitar solo thrown in! This song is brilliant. It successfully blends pop-folk, classical and rock into a beautifully epic piece. Ceui’s vocals perfectly suit the light arrangement, she hits her notes well and has some seriously high parts, which she nails. An amazing song, only problem is the length.

As my first Ceui single, I cannot help but be impressed. Soai Calendula was nice but ordinary anison stuff, but Hana ni Natta Shounen no Shinwa was just wow. IT’S SO AMAZING!!!!! Does Ceui usually do super epic fantastic spectacular masterpieces like that? I might need to go listen to her other material.

Rating: 8.5/10

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5 Responses to Ceui – Soai Calendula

  1. I saw this on Hikari no Akari and was wondering what this was…

    Woah, long B-side… the longest song I have is Owari no Nai Uta by LiSA, which is, like, 9-10 mins or something. o.o

    So considering what you wrote for the B-side, I may as well check this out. Thanks for reviewing (:

    • 123 says:

      I did not know that LiSA had such a long song, I wouldn’t have expected it from her :-). Anyway I picked this one up because I thought “oh, that album art looks cool” when I saw it lol.
      The longest song I have is 24 minutes long (by a metal band of course). I’ve listened to it, like, once. DEDICATION!!!!

      • Omg, hahaha, so dedicated. You should try for a second run. I CHALLENGE YOU. :p

        By the way, when I read… “I felt a warm wetness trickling down my leg…”, I was like… ∑(O_O;)

        • 123 says:

          I will try sometime. When it comes up on shuffle. If I remember not to skip it.

          Yeah that must be my crude n rude sense of humour. :-p

  2. Yuki Nagato says:

    I was planning to review this. Now I know what to expect. xD

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