Luna Haruna – Ai wo Utae



  1. Ai wo Utae
  2. Koi no Senshi
  3. Uchiage Hanabi


1. Ai wo Utae

The beginning of this song sounds really familiar, a Kitaeri piece maybe? Ai wo Utae starts in anison fashion, with Luna’s vocals and some distorted guitar, followed by a strings melody. The verse is fairly standard, but the fluttering strings have a different sound from usual smooth backing strings, so is a nice change. The chorus allows more expansion and expression in her range, though it sounds like she’s having trouble on a couple of the high notes at the end of the chorus. In the end, it turned out to be an average pop-rock piece.

2. Koi no Senshi

The second track has a very poppy beginning with a piano gliss, clapping and a little guitar. The verse uses acoustic instruments, and Luna sings with a highish tone. There’s a bit more going on in the chorus, but it doesn’t get any more interesting. Honestly, there’s nothing good about this song, it’s really safe and bland. I’ll pass.

3. Uchiage Hanabi

The last track is a slower paced song with quite a bit of synths and piano. The bassline is funky and the synths quirky, but the verse isn’t the greatest. However the chorus is catchy and so much better than the lame attempt of Koi no Senshi. Well, that’s not saying much but it’s quite good. Luna’s vocals suit the bubbly mood nicely. It’s a chilled and relaxed track, not great but ok. I’m happy enough with it.

You know what, I wasn’t all that thrilled about this release, it was quite ordinary. I can see she’s going for a more mainstream image but really, this was disappointing. Especially Koi no Senshi which brought the single down a lot.The last single had a poor A-side but two kickass B-sides but this was just 3x average and yeah… please release an album that’s better.

Rating: 5.5/10

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2 Responses to Luna Haruna – Ai wo Utae

  1. mk03 says:

    Can you review review Oversky when you have the time?

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