Best Of: Ballads

Sooooo… I kind of felt in a ballad-y mood and thought I’d make a post about some really good Japanese ballads. Here goes, they’re in no particular order of favouritism.

abingdon boys school:

abingdon boys school teaching materials

  • More power ballads than normal ballads, but you should not miss out on Takanori Nishikawa’s powerful vocals on Nephilim and From Dusk Till Dawn.


lost in time

  • Give a listen to these two: the beautiful Gekkou Symphonia with her brother AIKI and the slightly discordant synths of Suashi.




revise the world


lyricallya candles

Hikaru Utada:

sakura nagashi

  • At time of writing, Sakura Nagashi from the third Evangelion movie is my favourite ballad, it’s so emotionally powerful, plus Hikaru Utada sings brilliantly.


himeka anison

  • Surely HIMEKA is one of the queens of ballads. Her voice is perfect for them. I love her cover of VOICES from her Love Anison album and Echoes from her single Where I Belong (I could only find a NicoNico short of the second one unfortunately).





  • KOKIA seems to be one of those artists who only does ballads. I can’t say I’m her greatest fan, but I love the deep strings of Womoi.



  • Our favourite symphonic metal opera singer is no slouch at ballads. Give this piano/operatic ballad a try – A Wish.

Luna Haruna:

Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau



  • MELL is mostly known for her blend of trance and rock, but she does have an excellent song in On My Own. She’s damn good live too :-), pity she’s on hiatus.



  • T.M.Revolution is a master of ballads. With his vibrato, control and feeling, he’s produced wonders like the UNDER:COVER version of THUNDERBIRD, which is one of my favourites!!! Not as good live here as in studio but… the pianist’s hair ❤



  • Lots of people like Love Will Be Born Again, but I prefer The Umbrella Of Glass from their album Jubilee.

Yoko Hikasa:

Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai

Yui Sakakibara:


Bleaaaaahhh that was long. Did I say I was in a ballad-y mood? That has left now actually :-P.


Of course, I’m sure I’ve forgotten many. Maybe you can remind me of some, or introduce me to some new ones. What are your favourite ballads?

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2 Responses to Best Of: Ballads

  1. Nat says:

    A bunch of my favourite ballads are from Chihiro Onitsuka. Infection, Ii hi Tabidachi, Kaerimichi wo Nakushite, Watashi to Waltz wo, Hotaru…just to name a few. Angela Aki does some lovely piano ballads too.

    Cool entry ^_^ I haven’t heard a lot of these songs, thanks for the recommendations.

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