ELISA – Soba ni Iru yo

Soba ni iru yo [Single]


  1. Soba ni Iru yo
  2. Emerge
  3. For Us
  4. Soba ni Iru yo (Instrumental)


1. Soba ni Iru yo

Soft chants and strings begin Soba ni Iru yo, before ALIPRO-esque violins and an electronic beat make an exciting appearance. Contrastingly, the verse has a slow ballad form, using piano and then strings, soft electric guitar and slow drums. The energy of the track increases in the chorus with the tempo change, and sparkling synths are added to the instrumentation. ELISA gives a very sincere, touching performance, conveying sadness through a raw delivery. She hits the high notes well too, which is related to my only complaint for the track – it should have ended on the last “my heart” instead of having that bit of chanting afterwards. But overall, I love this song!

2. Emerge

The first B-side, Emerge, is a more typical anison track. Starting with a quiet piano introduction, it then moves to a faster tempo and adds a strings melody. Conforming a common anison style, the verse involves ELISA singing lower against a little electric guitar and the bass drum on every beat. However, the change to a slower speed in the pre-chorus and quiet moments with distant vocals breaks the mould and is an interesting variation. At the chorus, strings play a counter-melody to ELISA’s high, emotional vocals. I have a bit of a weakness for strings, and as the vocals are good too I like this one as well.

3. For Us

Last is For Us, the ballad of the single. Opening with harp (I think), the song then uses piano and strings as backing with ELISA singing in a soft, whispery tone. She expresses herself really well through her singing, even though I don’t think the chorus is the most interesting around her vocals are what makes it work. Her chest and head voice blend smoothly as well, although having a breathy voice does make this easier. In the end, it turned out nicely.

So ELISA returns after a bit under two years of hiatus. Ok, I haven’t really heard her much before apart from Euphoric Field but I was very happy with this single. All three songs suited her voice and kept me interested. I wonder what will happen next with her?

Rating: 9/10

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One Response to ELISA – Soba ni Iru yo

  1. duoearth says:

    Really your analysis on Soba ni Iru yo . I think it is beautiful song and touching. I like it when it changes the tempo where energy increases and as well as the sparklingness as you mentioned.
    Well I am not great about singing and vocal analysis stuff , but I think Elisa really hit the point and deliver a great song here.

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