Aya Kamiki – V/S



  1. V/S
  4. Ignorance of Distractional Mind


1. V/S

The first song of the single is really exciting and strong, with Aya’s deep voice sounding great along with the loud guitars. She mixes Japanese with bits of English now and then which is hard to understand sometimes but cool. I liked the changing tempos through the song, as it went from fast and rocking to slower and more dramatic. It’s a really good song!


FANTASTIC WORLD takes the slow-rock route, and has a lighter mood than V/S. Some soft synths as well as guitar make for an interesting change, but the song isn’t really that good. I do like the backing vocals though, and Aya’s singing is nice.


Pounding drums and aggressive guitar riffs open the third track, and when the bass comes in it becomes dark and powerful. I don’t really like the percussive effect made by the dulled guitar strings in the verse and there’s too much drums at times, but luckily those moments aren’t too often. What I do like is the repeated bluesy guitar, and Aya’s great singing. Probably the heaviest song of the single too.

4. Ignorance of Distractional Mind

The final track has a weird title lol. Lighter guitars emphasise the simple drum beat of this mid-tempo rock song. It’s got a simple arrangement, but that works in its favour as the song feels put together really well. There’s a cool guitar solo as well. Suiting the mood of the song, Aya’s vocals take on a lighter tone, and are less fierce than the previous tracks. It’s the most poppy of the 4 tracks, and fun to listen to!

I thought Aya Kamiki had died or something, but it seems that she’s just gone to the indie scene for a bit. Her music still sounds the same as her major label works though. V/S was a pretty solid single, standard Kamiki stuff but still a good listen

Rating: 7.5/10

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