Shoko Nakagawa – Zoku Konton



  1. Zoku Konton
  2. Guren Doku Nisshoku
  3. Kabukichou no Joou -2011.12.20 Nakano Sun Plaza Ver.-


1. Zoku Konton

Rumbling thunder, screeching guitars and eerie strings open the song with a tense and suspenseful atmosphere. The song then becomes a rock-synth combo, with Shoko using an awesome deeper tone I haven’t heard from her before. There are a range of musical styles throughout this track, from the gothic strings, choir and harpsichord parts, to industrial themes in the second verse. The song isn’t overly dark for the most part, but there are still creepy influences permeating through, kind of like Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Yui Sakakibara’s BLOODY TUNE. It’s a really cool and interesting track from Shoko!

2. Guren Doku Nisshoku

Now she dives into the world of metal! Down-tuned guitars and blazing drums power along this fast and heavy song, accompanied by Shoko’s deeper tone once again! At times I can hear some Yousei Teikoku-like parts in its general heaviness and darkness. I do feel the drums go over the top at times, as has been a problem with some of Shoko’s previous metal tracks, but at least it suits the style. May I add that the guitar solo is really good as well? A fantastic follow up, even better than the A-side!

3. Kabukichou no Joou -2011.12.20 Nakano Sun Plaza Ver.-

And for the last song we get a live version. I haven’t heard the original, but Kabukichou no Joou also carries a dark mood.  Shoko’s singing seems pretty good for the most part which is good. It’s not too bad, but seems like a random throw on, and it wasn’t performed very recently as well. Ah well, it was kind of interesting, but a let down after the previous two songs.

Since when did Shoko Nakagawa become this cool! Zoku Konton is now my new favourite single from her, it’s definitely worth a listen. The album art is cool as well! Hopefully she’s release more great songs like this. Shoko’s voice also has developed, it sounds really great when she’s singing deeper and I like her vibrato better too. If they didn’t put that live on the end, I would have given it a 10, but…

Rating: 9/10

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2 Responses to Shoko Nakagawa – Zoku Konton

  1. Was debating on whether to get this single or not, since I’ve only heard Shoko Nakagawa because she covered YUI’s Rolling Star (oh, and I remember hearing her songs, Flying Humanoid and Ray of Light…), but reading this made me want it now. >.<

    Great that you reviewed this one! 🙂

  2. Yuki Nagato says:

    Exactly my niche. Will listen to this definitely :3

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