Yoko Hikasa – Owaranai Uta

owaranai uta


  1. Owaranai Uta
  2. Innocent
  3. Owaranai Uta (Instrumental)
  4. Innocent (Instrumental)


1. Owaranai Uta

I could tell from the album art that this song was going to be light and fluffy and it is. Owaranai Uta is a pop ballad using piano, strings and acoustic guitar, which sound pretty good together. I’m not that enamoured with some of Yoko’s vocals; she’s using a higher, slightly-cute-at-times tone and she does a couple of eh-eh-sounding things (really bad description there) that annoy me in the verse, although she’s fine apart from that. It’s a nice listen, but forgettable.

2. Innocent

The next track is more upbeat and has an anison feel, and lots of strings which is great! There’s some good ideas going on like those softly ascending guitar lines in the verse, and violin presence is always welcome. I like Yoko’s singing in here more too. Not sure about the guitar solo though, the shredding doesn’t really fit with the more rest of the song. There’s much more energy and things to like in this song than the A-side. I prefer this one.

Well Yoko Hikasa’s second single was not as good as her first. While Utsukushiki Zankoku na Sekai was a powerful ballad, Owaranai Uta was bland. Innocent was a good B-side though and I enjoyed it quite a bit. She’s going to be releasing a collaboration album or something in a month so it will be interesting to see how that turns out. Hopefully better than Owaranai Uta.

Rating: 6.5/10

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