Leo Ieiri – Message



  1. Message
  2. Wake You Up
  3. Sabrina (Live)
  4. Kimi Dake (Live)
  5. Message (Instrumental)
  6. Wake You Up (Instrumental)


1. Message

That deep piano at the beginning makes it sound like Message is going to be a darker song, but no it’s nice pop-rock tune. Leo delivers a really good vocal performance throughout, including a nice semi-a capella part in the bridge. I’m loving her vibrato as well. It’s a pretty solid track, not quite my style but hopefully it will grow on me like some of her other stuff did..

2. Wake You Up

Ha, this has some interesting instruments, like hand drums and slide guitar, with piano being the main instrument. I’m liking the relaxing, laid-back style of this song, and Leo’s vocals are flawless again. The “Wake you up, wake you up, cloudy head and you” sounds pretty cute too! I prefer this to the A-Side!

3. Sabrina (Live)

Wow, when she shouts at the beginning her voice is soooooo high. Oh well, that seems the trend for most female JPop singers! Her voice sounds pretty powerful live, and she hits the notes well. And Sabrina is still pretty catchy live as well. That yelling at the end gets annoying though. Pretty good overall.

4. Kimi Dake (Live)

And last but not least we get Kimi Dake live, a song from her debut album Leo. There are a few parts at the beginning where her voice goes really loud probably because she brought the mike too close but it’s fine apart from that. She incorporates emotion really nicely during this gentle piano ballad, and it’s probably my favourite track of the single.

Leo Ieiri’s first single 2013 is a good start, all of the songs were good. Her style of music isn’t really to my taste, but I do appreciate her excellent voice. And I’m sure people have said this before but she sounds like YUI both in music and vocals. Overall, Message wasn’t as good as my favourite Leo Ieiri single Bless You but still not too bad. The limited editions have some other live tracks but I can’t be bothered reviewing them.

Rating: 7.5/10

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