LUNA SEA – The End Of The Dream/Rouge



  1. The End Of The Dream
  2. Rouge


1. The End Of The Dream

A blast of guitars announces the arrival of the first track. Ryuichi’s sound’s like he’s improved his singing a lot during their 10 year hiatus, with greater tone and greater vibrato! The song is pretty fun, and the band seems like they’re enjoying rocking out to their new (ok half a year old) song. Great start!

2. Rouge

I’m loving that jangling guitar riff at the beginning, and I didn’t know Ryuichi could scream, that’s pretty cool!The energy throughout this song is great as well! The guitars take a lead part during this song, and incorporate different sounds such as tremolo picked wah wah, feedback-laced longer notes, the brighter clean sound running throughout the song and the percussive effect that emphasises the chorus. Even better than the first track!

I suppose you could say that this is their first “normal track” after their comeback, they did release a 23 minute monster but I haven’t listened to it. Both tracks were really strong, with Rouge just edging out the End Of The Dream for me, and it’s clear that all the members have been honing their skills away from the band. The sound quality is also better than their older releases, as to be expected. I wasn’t particularly fond of their old stuff but this single is just great. 100% recommended.

Rating: 10/10

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4 Responses to LUNA SEA – The End Of The Dream/Rouge

  1. Kien says:

    What made you give this single 10/10?
    It’s very well executed and very clean, there is no doubt about that.
    The band sounds crisp and on beat, while the vocalist definitely knows what he’s doing.
    But at the same time, the songs aren’t anything extraordinary either.
    I can also argue that the beginning’s blast of electric guitars actually is detrimental to the overall experience in the first song.
    Then again, maybe I’m biased because I’m not too fond of traditional rock and screaming.
    At any rate, what did you like about this one? I’m curious, as a fellow music consumer.

    • Alex says:

      Well, this is kinda lame… but this was one of my early posts when I had no idea what I was doing and hadn’t really sorted out my ratings. Additionally, my tastes have changed somewhat now, so I don’t really think it’s 10/10-worthy any more. Not quite sure what I thought was so good about it. The songs are well-executed in all departments and I find the melodies fairly appealing, but I don’t think it’s fantastic or anything.

      • Kien says:

        Oh, I’m sorry about that. I just realized how much I jumped through your backlog after taking a look around. Whoops (^^;)
        Anyways, I want to thank you for taking your time to make cohesive reviews of Japanese Music. Your format is easy to understand and very fair, if a bit disorganized at times. I’m trying to start my own blog on J-music as well, and your blog was the first one I stopped on for reference.
        Keep up the impressive work!

        • Alex says:

          Thank you very much :-D. Unfortunately due to a combination of lack of time and lack of motivation, I’m not really writing at the moment though.

          I wish you good luck with your blogging endeavours, should you go ahead and start one.

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