LR Harmony – From New World

from new world


  1. From New World
  2. THIS ILLUSION -10th Moon Harmony-
  3. From New World (Off Vocal)
  4. THIS ILLUSION -10th Moon Harmony- (Off Vocal)


1. From New World

Slow strings and piano make for a nice opening to this song, before a more upbeat synth-pop part comes in. The members of LR Harmony harmonize 🙂 really well throughout the both verse and chorus, and their backing aaahs are great as well. Of course my favourite member is Faylan. A few of the singers have highish voices which I don’t really like, but there’s so few solo lines it doesn’t matter anyway. The arrangement is a bit normal but the vocals make up for it. So good overall.

2. THIS ILLUSION -10th Moon Harmony-

The next track, THIS ILLUSION, is actually a cover of the Fate Stay Night OP called Disillusion. Notice any similarities? Anyway I can’t really remember how Disillusion went because I dropped FSN a while ago, but THIS ILLUSION is a rather bare synth/electronic based anison track. It’s slow in the verses, and speeds up in the prechorus. and chorus Speaking of which, I really love that synth bass line that runs in that prechorus. The members of LR Harmony get solo lines in the verse, and are actually singing quite low, which sounds great! The bridge is dubstep, and while it doesn’t quite fit, it isn’t bad either. Definitely the better song of the single.

LR Harmony is a vocal group made up of Sayaka Sasaki, Miyuki Hashimoto, Faylan, Aki Misato, yozuca* and rino. From New World it their second and latest single, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t release any more music for a while (or ever) because I think they only do special stuff for Type-Moon. Aaaanyway I enjoyed this single even though it’s out of my usual genre range

Rating: 8/10

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